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Packages that use Extent
org.apache.openjpa.persistence OpenJPA JPA 

Uses of Extent in org.apache.openjpa.persistence

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.persistence that implement Extent
 class ExtentImpl<T>
          An extent is a logical view of all instances of a class.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.persistence that return Extent
<T> Extent<T>
EntityManagerImpl.createExtent(Class<T> cls, boolean subclasses)
<T> Extent<T>
OpenJPAEntityManager.createExtent(Class<T> cls, boolean subs)
          Return an extent of the given class, optionally including subclasses.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.persistence with parameters of type Extent
 void EntityManagerImpl.evictAll(Extent extent)
 void OpenJPAEntityManager.evictAll(Extent extent)
          Evict all persistent-clean and persistent-nontransactional instances in the given Extent.

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