18.  Sybase Adaptive Server

18.1. Known issues with Sybase

Example 2.19.  Example properties for Sybase

openjpa.ConnectionDriverName: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver
openjpa.ConnectionURL: \

18.1.  Known issues with Sybase

  • The "DYNAMIC_PREPARE" parameter of the Sybase JDBC driver cannot be used with OpenJPA.

  • Datastore locking cannot be used when manipulating many-to-many relations using the default OpenJPA schema created by the schematool, unless an auto-increment primary key field is manually added to the table.

  • Persisting a zero-length string results in a string with a single space characted being returned from Sybase, Inc.'s JDBC driver.

  • The BE_AS_JDBC_COMPLIANT_AS_POSSIBLE is required in order to use datastore (pessimistic) locking. Failure to set this property may lead to obscure errors like " FOR UPDATE can not be used in a SELECT which is not part of the declaration of a cursor or which is not inside a stored procedure. ".