Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.util.concurrent

Concurrent Utilities


Interface Summary
ConcurrentMap A highly concurrent map.
Condition Condition factors out the Object monitor methods(wait, notify and notifyAll) into distinct objects to give the effect of having multiple wait-sets per object, by combining them with the use of arbitrary Lock implementations.
Lock Lock implementations provide more extensive locking operations than can be obtained using synchronized methods and statements.
NanoTimer Interface to specify custom implementation of precise timer.
Queue A collection designed for holding elements prior to processing.

Class Summary
AbstractConcurrentEventManager Base event manager that handles adding/removing listeners and firing events.
ConcurrentHashMap This class implements a HashMap which has limited synchronization.
ConcurrentHashSet A concurrent set.
ConcurrentLinkedQueue An unbounded thread-safe queue based on linked nodes.
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap This class implements a HashMap which has limited synchronization and reference keys or values(but not both).
ConcurrentReferenceHashSet A concurrent set whose values may be stored as weak or soft references.
CopyOnWriteArraySet A Set that uses an internal CopyOnWriteArrayList for all of its operations.
ReentrantLock A reentrant mutual exclusion Lock with the same basic behavior and semantics as the implicit monitor lock accessed using synchronized methods and statements, but with extended capabilities.
TimeUnit A TimeUnit represents time durations at a given unit of granularity and provides utility methods to convert across units, and to perform timing and delay operations in these units.
Utils This class groups together the functionality of java.util.concurrent that cannot be fully and reliably implemented in backport, but for which some form of emulation is possible.
WaitQueue Base class for internal queue classes for semaphores, etc.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.util.concurrent Description

Concurrent Utilities

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