Interface Exp

All Superinterfaces:
Expression, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AndExpression, BindVariableAndExpression, BindVariableExpression, CompareEqualExpression, CompareExpression, ConstInstanceofExpression, ContainsExpression, ContainsKeyExpression, EmptyExpression, EndsWithExpression, EqualExpression, Extension, InExpression, InKeyExpression, InstanceofExpression, InSubQExpression, InValueExpression, IsEmptyExpression, IsNotEmptyExpression, MatchesExpression, NotContainsExpression, NotEqualExpression, NotExpression, OrExpression, StartsWithExpression

interface Exp
extends Expression

An Expression represents a query ready for execution. Generally, it is a set of conditions that must be met for the query to be true.

Abe White

Method Summary
 void appendTo(Select sel, ExpContext ctx, ExpState state, SQLBuffer buf)
          Append the SQL for this expression to the given buffer.
 ExpState initialize(Select sel, ExpContext ctx, Map contains)
          Initialize the expression.
 void selectColumns(Select sel, ExpContext ctx, ExpState state, boolean pks)
          Select just the columns for this expression.
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Method Detail


ExpState initialize(Select sel,
                    ExpContext ctx,
                    Map contains)
Initialize the expression. This method should recursively initialize any sub-expressions or values.

contains - map of relation paths to the number of times the paths appear in a contains() expression; used to ensure paths used for contains() within the same AND expression used different aliases


void appendTo(Select sel,
              ExpContext ctx,
              ExpState state,
              SQLBuffer buf)
Append the SQL for this expression to the given buffer. The SQL should optionally include any joins this expression needs.


void selectColumns(Select sel,
                   ExpContext ctx,
                   ExpState state,
                   boolean pks)
Select just the columns for this expression.

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