Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria

OpenJPA Criteria Query


Interface Summary
ComparisonStyle Defines a comparison style to be applied for query-by-example attribute comparison.
CriteriaExpressionVisitor A visitor for Criteria Expression nodes.
OpenJPACriteriaBuilder OpenJPA-specific extension to JPA 2.0 Criteria Query Builder API.
OpenJPACriteriaQuery<T> OpenJPA-specific extension to JPA 2.0 Criteria Query API.

Class Summary
ComparisonStyle.Default Default implementation.
CriteriaBuilderImpl Factory for Criteria query expressions.
CriteriaExpressionVisitor.AbstractVisitor An abstract implementation that can detect cycles during traversal.
CriteriaExpressionVisitor.ParameterVisitor A visitor to register Parameter expression of a query.

Enum Summary

Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria Description

OpenJPA Criteria Query

This package provides an implementation of Criteria API in JPA 2.0 Specification and extended features such as Query-By-Example.

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