Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.meta

OpenJPA MetaModel


Interface Summary
AbstractManagedType.Filter<T> Affirms if a given element satisfy a condition.
MetadataProcessor<T,M> Collection of generic utility functions for extracting persistence related metadata from user specified metadata available in various source environment.

Class Summary
AbstractManagedType<X> Implements the managed persistent type and its attributes.
AbstractManagedType.AttributeTypeFilter<X,Y> Selects if the attribute type matches the given Java class.
AbstractManagedType.ElementTypeFilter<X,E> Selects plural attribute of given element type.
AbstractManagedType.SingularAttributeFilter<X> Affirms if the given attribute is a Singular attribute.
AnnotationProcessor6 Annotation processing tool generates source code for a meta-model class given the annotated source code of persistent entity.
CompileTimeLogger Simple logger sets log level from javac compilers annotation processing options -Alog=TRACE|INFO|WARN|ERROR and uses the processing environment to determine the log output stream.
Members Persistent attribute according to JPA 2.0 metamodel.
Members.CollectionAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Collection<E>.
Members.KeyAttributeImpl<X,K> Represents the keys of java.util.Map<K,V> in managed type <X> as a pseudo-attribute of type java.util.Set<K>.
Members.ListAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.List<E>.
Members.MapAttributeImpl<X,K,V> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Map<K,V> in managed type <X>.
Members.Member<X,Y> An attribute of a Java type.
Members.PluralAttributeImpl<X,C,E> Root of multi-cardinality attribute.
Members.SetAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Set<E>.
Members.SingularAttributeImpl<X,T> Represents single-valued persistent attributes.
MetamodelImpl Adapts JPA Metamodel to OpenJPA meta-data repository.
SourceAnnotationHandler Extracts persistent metadata information by analyzing available annotation in *.java source files.
Types Persistent Type according to JPA 2.0.
Types.Basic<X> Basic non-relational types of a persistent attribute such as long or java.util.Date.
Types.Embeddable<X> An embedded, not independently identifiable type.
Types.Entity<X> An entity type that is independently identifiable.
Types.Identifiable<X> Represents an abstract persistent type that has a persistent identity.
Types.MappedSuper<X> A abstract, independently identifiable persistent type.
Types.PseudoEntity<X> A pseudo managed type used to represent keys of a java.util.Map as a pseudo attribute.

Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.meta Description

OpenJPA MetaModel

This package provides an implementation of Metamodel API of JPA 2.0 Specification.

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