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org.apache.openjpa.persistence.query OpenJPA Dynamic Query 

Uses of Visitable in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.query

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.query that implement Visitable
 class AbsExpression
          Denotes ABS() operation on a given expression.
 class AbstractDomainObject
          Domain Object is a path expression over which query is evaluated.
 class AndPredicate
          Denotes (e1 AND e2) predicate.
 class ArrayExpression
          A single expression that holds an array of values.
 class AverageExpression
          Denotes AVG() on a given Expression.
 class BetweenExpression
          Denotes e1 BETWEEN(e2 AND e3) Expression.
 class BinaryOperatorExpression
          An expression resulting from a binary operation on two expressions.
 class CaseExpressionImpl
 class ConcatExpression
          Denotes CONCAT(e1,e2,..) Expression.
 class CountExpression
          Denotes COUNT(e) Expression.
 class CurrentTimeExpression
          Denotes CURRENT_TIME(), CURRENT_DATE() and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() expressions.
 class DistinctExpression
          Denotes DISTINCT(e) Expression.
 class DividedByExpression
          Denotes e1/e2 Expression.
 class ElseExpression
          Else clause in a Case Statement.
 class EntryExpression
          Denotes ENTRY(e) on a path.
 class EqualExpression
          Denotes e1 = e2 Expression.
 class ExistsExpression
          Denotes EXISTS(SubQuery) Expression.
 class FetchPath
          Denotes a path used in fetch join.
 class GreaterEqualExpression
          Denotes e1 >= e2 Expression.
 class GreaterThanExpression
          Denotes e1 > e2 Expression.
 class IndexExpression
          Denotes INDEX(e) Expression.
 class InExpression
          Denotes e1 IN (e2) Expression.
 class IsEmptyExpression
 class IsNullExpression
          Denotes e IS NULL Expression.
 class JoinPath
          Path resulting by joining from a parent path via an attribute.
 class KeyExpression
          Denotes KEY(e) Expression.
 class LengthExpression
          Denotes LENGTH(e) Expression.
 class LessEqualExpression
          Denotes e1 <= e2 Expression.
 class LessThanExpression
          Denotes e1 < e2 Expression.
 class LikeExpression
          Denotes e1 LIKE e2 Expression.
 class LiteralExpression
          Denotes a Literal Expression.
 class LocateExpression
          Denotes LOCATE(e1, e2, n) Expression.
 class LogicalPredicate
          Logical Predicate combines two predicates with a logical operator.
 class LowerExpression
          Denotes LOWER(e) Expression.
 class MaxExpression
          Denotes MAX(e) Expression.
 class MemberOfExpression
          Denotes e1 MEMBER OF e2 Expression.
 class MinExpression
          Denotes MIN(e) Expression.
 class MinusExpression
          Denotes (e1 - e2) Expression.
 class NewInstance
          Denotes NEW, arg2,...)
 class NotEqualExpression
          Denotes (e1 != e2) Expression.
 class OperatorPath
          A path resulting from KEY() or VALUE() operation on an existing path.
 class OrderableItem
          Denotes an item of ORDER BY clause.
 class OrPredicate
          Denotes (e1 OR e2) predicate.
 class ParameterExpression
          Denotes a parameter in a query.
 class PlusExpression
          Denotes (e1 + e2) Expression.
 class QueryDefinitionImpl
          Implements QueryDefinition.
 class RangeExpression
          Denotes a range used by e1 BETWEEN x AND y operation.
 class RootPath
          Denotes root domain instance representing a persistent type.
 class SizeExpression
          Denotes SIZE(e) Expression.
 class SquareRootExpression
          Denotes SQRT(e) Expression.
 class SubStringExpression
          Denotes SUBSTR(a,i1,i2) Expression.
 class SumExpression
          Denotes SUM(e) Expression.
 class TimesExpression
          Denotes (e1*e2) Expression.
 class TrimExpression
          Denotes TRIM(e1,x) Expression.
 class TypeExpression
          Denotes TYPE(e) Expression.
 class UnaryMinusExpression
          Denotes (-e) Expression.
 class UpperExpression
          Denotes UPPER(e) Expression.
 class ValueExpression
          Denotes VALUE(e) Expression.
 class VarArgsExpression
          A expression that holds an array of Expressions.

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