Interface DistributedBrokerFactory

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BrokerFactory, Closeable, Serializable
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public interface DistributedBrokerFactory
extends BrokerFactory

Extension to BrokerFactory to allow dynamically add/remove slices.

Pinaki Poddar

Method Summary
 Slice addSlice(String name, Map properties)
          Adds the given slice with the given properties.
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Method Detail


Slice addSlice(String name,
               Map properties)
Adds the given slice with the given properties. This newly added slice will be configured to brokers constructed by this factory after this call.

name - logical name of the to be added slice. Must be different from any currently available slices.
properties - key-value pair of configuration for the slice to be added. The keys must have openjpa.slice.<name>.* as prefix.
See Also:
DistributedConfiguration.getAvailableSliceNames(), DistributedConfiguration.addSlice(String, Map)

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