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Packages that use Compatibility
org.apache.openjpa.conf OpenJPA Configuration 

Uses of Compatibility in org.apache.openjpa.conf

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.conf that return Compatibility
 Compatibility Specification.getCompatibility()
          Return the compatibility object associated with this Specification instance.
 Compatibility OpenJPAConfigurationImpl.getCompatibilityInstance()
          If a Compatibility instance is associated with the Specification, we will configure this Compatibility instance instead of instantiating a new one so that the compatibility flags set in compliance with the Specification can be preserved.
 Compatibility OpenJPAConfiguration.getCompatibilityInstance()
          Backwards compatibility options.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.conf with parameters of type Compatibility
 void Specification.setCompatibility(Compatibility compatibility)
          Associate a compatibility object with this Specification instance

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