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Packages that use Clearable
org.apache.openjpa.datacache OpenJPA Data Cache 

Uses of Clearable in org.apache.openjpa.datacache

Subinterfaces of Clearable in org.apache.openjpa.datacache
 interface DataCache
          Interface that must be implemented by any level 2 cache used by OpenJPA.

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.datacache that implement Clearable
 class AbstractDataCache
          Abstract DataCache implementation that provides various statistics, logging, and timeout functionality common across cache implementations.
 class ConcurrentDataCache
          A DataCache implementation that is optimized for concurrent access.
 class DelegatingDataCache
          Delegating data cache that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
 class PartitionedDataCache
          A partitioned data cache maintains a set of partitions that are DataCache themselves.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.datacache with parameters of type Clearable
protected  void ClearableScheduler.evict(Clearable cache)
 void ClearableScheduler.removeFromSchedule(Clearable clearable)
          Remove the given Clearable from scheduling.
 void ClearableScheduler.scheduleEviction(Clearable clearable, String times)
          Schedule the given Clearable for clear to be called.

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