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Packages that use ProxyMap
org.apache.openjpa.util OpenJPA Utilities 

Uses of ProxyMap in org.apache.openjpa.util

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util that return ProxyMap
 ProxyMap ProxyMap.newInstance(Class keyType, Class valueType, Comparator compare, boolean trackChanges, boolean autoOff)
          Create a new instance of this proxy type.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util with parameters of type ProxyMap
static Set ProxyMaps.afterEntrySet(ProxyMap map, Set entries)
          Wrap the given entry set in a proxy.
static Object ProxyMaps.afterPut(ProxyMap map, Object key, Object value, Object ret, boolean before)
          Call after invoking Map.put(K, V) on super.
static Object ProxyMaps.afterRemove(ProxyMap map, Object key, Object ret, boolean before)
          Call after invoking Map.remove(java.lang.Object) on super.
static Object ProxyMaps.afterSetProperty(ProxyMap map, String key, String value, Object ret, boolean before)
          Call after invoking Properties#setProperty on super.
static void ProxyMaps.beforeClear(ProxyMap map)
          Call before invoking Map.clear() on super.
static void ProxyMaps.beforeLoad(ProxyMap map, InputStream in)
          Call before invoking Properties#load on super.
static void ProxyMaps.beforeLoadFromXML(ProxyMap map, InputStream in)
          Call before invoking Properties#loadXML on super.
static boolean ProxyMaps.beforePut(ProxyMap map, Object key, Object value)
          Call before invoking Map.put(K, V) on super.
static boolean ProxyMaps.beforeRemove(ProxyMap map, Object key)
          Call before invoking Map.remove(java.lang.Object) on super.
static boolean ProxyMaps.beforeSetProperty(ProxyMap map, String key, String value)
          Call before invoking Properties#setProperty on super.
static Set ProxyMaps.keySet(ProxyMap map)
          Override for Map.keySet().
static void ProxyMaps.putAll(ProxyMap map, Map values)
          Overload for Map.putAll(java.util.Map).
static Collection ProxyMaps.values(ProxyMap map)
          Override for Map.values().

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