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Packages that use FieldConsumer
org.apache.openjpa.enhance OpenJPA Enhancer 
org.apache.openjpa.kernel OpenJPA Runtime Kernel 

Uses of FieldConsumer in org.apache.openjpa.enhance

Subinterfaces of FieldConsumer in org.apache.openjpa.enhance
 interface FieldManager
          Manages persistent fields.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.enhance with parameters of type FieldConsumer
static void PCRegistry.copyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(Class<?> pcClass, FieldConsumer fm, Object oid)
          Copy fields to an outside source from the key fields in the identity object.
 void ReflectingPersistenceCapable.pcCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(FieldConsumer consumer, Object obj)
 void PersistenceCapable.pcCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(FieldConsumer consumer, Object obj)

Uses of FieldConsumer in org.apache.openjpa.kernel

Subinterfaces of FieldConsumer in org.apache.openjpa.kernel
 interface OpenJPAStateManager
          Interface implemented by OpenJPA state managers.

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.kernel that implement FieldConsumer
(package private)  class AbstractFieldManager
          Abstract FieldManager for easy subclassing.
(package private)  class AttachStrategy
          Strategy for attaching objects.
(package private)  class ClearFieldManager
          FieldManager that responds to all fetch methods with the default value for that field; used to clear the state of managed instances.
(package private)  class DetachedStateAttachStrategy
          Handles attaching instances with detached state.
 class DetachedStateManager
          Internal state manager for detached instances.
 class DetachedValueStateManager
          Implementation of OpenJPAStateManager designed to retrieve values from a detached instance, including when managed by a DetachedStateManager.
 class ObjectIdStateManager
          State manager used to access state of embedded object id primary key fields.
 class SaveFieldManager
          FieldManager type used to store information for rollback.
(package private)  class SavepointFieldManager
          FieldManager type used to store information for savepoint rollback.
(package private)  class SingleFieldManager
          FieldManager type used to hold onto a single field value and then dispense it via the fetch methods.
 class StateManagerImpl
          Implementation of the OpenJPAStateManager interface for use with this runtime.
(package private)  class TransferFieldManager
          FieldManager type used to transfer a single field value.
(package private)  class VersionAttachStrategy
          Handles attaching instances using version and primary key fields.

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