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Packages that use OpCallbacks
org.apache.openjpa.kernel OpenJPA Runtime Kernel 
org.apache.openjpa.persistence OpenJPA JPA 
org.apache.openjpa.slice Extended OpenJPA Interfaces for distributed databases. 

Uses of OpCallbacks in org.apache.openjpa.kernel

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.kernel that return OpCallbacks
 OpCallbacks AttachManager.getBehavior()
          Return the behavior supplied on construction.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.kernel with parameters of type OpCallbacks
 Object DelegatingBroker.attach(Object obj, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
 Object BrokerImpl.attach(Object obj, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
 Object Broker.attach(Object pc, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
          Import the specified detached object into the broker.
 Object[] DelegatingBroker.attachAll(Collection objs, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
 Object[] BrokerImpl.attachAll(Collection objs, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
 Object[] Broker.attachAll(Collection objs, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
          Import the specified objects into the broker.
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.beforeFlush(int reason, OpCallbacks call)
          Delegates to the current state.
(package private)  void PNewState.beforeFlush(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
(package private)  void PDirtyState.beforeFlush(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
(package private)  void PCState.beforeFlush(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
          Called before the state is flushed.
(package private)  void EDirtyState.beforeFlush(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
(package private)  void ECopyState.beforeFlush(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.cascadeDelete(OpCallbacks call)
          Cascade deletes and dereference dependent fields.
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.cascadePersist(OpCallbacks call)
          Called after an instance is persisted by a user through the broker.
 void DelegatingBroker.delete(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.delete(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.delete(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Delete the given object.
(package private)  void BrokerImpl.delete(Object obj, StateManagerImpl sm, OpCallbacks call)
          Internal delete.
 void SingleFieldManager.delete(OpCallbacks call)
          Delete and/or dereference field values.
(package private)  void SingleFieldManager.delete(ValueMetaData vmd, Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
          Delete an object embedded in the given value.
 void DelegatingBroker.deleteAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.deleteAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.deleteAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Delete the given objects.
 Object DelegatingBroker.detach(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 Object BrokerImpl.detach(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 Object Broker.detach(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Detach the specified object from the broker.
 Object[] DelegatingBroker.detachAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 Object[] BrokerImpl.detachAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 Object[] Broker.detachAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Detach the specified objects from the broker.
 void DelegatingBroker.detachAll(OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.detachAll(OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.detachAll(OpCallbacks call)
          Detach all objects in place.
 void DelegatingBroker.detachAll(OpCallbacks call, boolean flush)
 void BrokerImpl.detachAll(OpCallbacks call, boolean flush)
 void Broker.detachAll(OpCallbacks call, boolean flush)
          Detach all objects in place, with the option of performing a flush before doing the detachment.
 void DelegatingBroker.evict(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.evict(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.evict(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Evict the given object.
 void DelegatingBroker.evictAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.evictAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.evictAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Evict the given objects.
 void DelegatingBroker.evictAll(Extent extent, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.evictAll(Extent extent, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.evictAll(Extent extent, OpCallbacks call)
          Evict all persistent-clean and persistent-nontransactional instances in the given Extent.
 void DelegatingBroker.evictAll(OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.evictAll(OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.evictAll(OpCallbacks call)
          Evict all clean objects.
(package private)  void BrokerImpl.gatherCascadeRefresh(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
          Gathers all objects reachable through cascade-refresh relations into the operating set.
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.gatherCascadeRefresh(OpCallbacks call)
          Gather relations reachable from values using ValueMetaData.CASCADE_IMMEDIATE.
 void SingleFieldManager.gatherCascadeRefresh(OpCallbacks call)
          Recursively invoke the broker to gather cascade-refresh objects in the current field into the given set.
 void DelegatingBroker.lock(Object obj, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.lock(Object obj, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.lock(Object pc, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
          Ensure that the given instance is locked at the given lock level.
 void DelegatingBroker.lock(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.lock(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.lock(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Ensure that the given instance is locked at the current lock level, as set in the FetchConfiguration for the broker.
 void DelegatingBroker.lockAll(Collection objs, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.lockAll(Collection objs, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.lockAll(Collection objs, int level, int timeout, OpCallbacks call)
          Ensure that the given instances are locked at the given lock level.
 void DelegatingBroker.lockAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.lockAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.lockAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Ensure that the given instances are locked at the current lock level, as set in the FetchConfiguration for the broker.
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.nonprovisional(boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
          Delegates to the current state.
(package private)  PCState PNewProvisionalState.nonprovisional(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
(package private)  PCState PCState.nonprovisional(StateManagerImpl context, boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
          Return the state to transition to after making no longer provisional.
 void StoreContext.nontransactional(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given object non-transactional.
 void DelegatingBroker.nontransactional(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.nontransactional(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void StoreContext.nontransactionalAll(Collection<Object> objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given objects nontransactional.
 void DelegatingBroker.nontransactionalAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.nontransactionalAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.persist(Object obj, boolean explicit, OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the given object.
 OpenJPAStateManager BrokerImpl.persist(Object obj, Object id, boolean explicit, OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the given object.
 OpenJPAStateManager DelegatingBroker.persist(Object obj, Object id, OpCallbacks call)
 OpenJPAStateManager BrokerImpl.persist(Object obj, Object id, OpCallbacks call)
 OpenJPAStateManager Broker.persist(Object pc, Object id, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given instance persistent.
 void DelegatingBroker.persist(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.persist(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.persist(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the given object.
 void SingleFieldManager.persist(OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the stored field safely, preventing infinite recursion using the given set of already-persisted objects.
 void BrokerImpl.persistAll(Collection objs, boolean explicit, OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the given objects.
 void DelegatingBroker.persistAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.persistAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.persistAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Persist the given objects.
(package private)  void StateManagerImpl.preFlush(boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
          Get ready for a flush.
 boolean SingleFieldManager.preFlush(boolean logical, OpCallbacks call)
          Perform pre-flush tasks on the current field.
 void DelegatingBroker.refresh(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.refresh(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.refresh(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Refresh the state of the given object.
 void DelegatingBroker.refreshAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.refreshAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.refreshAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Refresh the state of the given objects.
protected  void BrokerImpl.refreshInternal(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          This method is called with the full set of objects reachable via cascade-refresh relations from the user-given instances.
protected  void BrokerImpl.refreshInternal(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
          Optimization for single-object refresh.
 void DelegatingBroker.release(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.release(Object obj, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.release(Object pc, OpCallbacks call)
          Release the given object from management.
 void DelegatingBroker.releaseAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.releaseAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
 void Broker.releaseAll(Collection objs, OpCallbacks call)
          Release the given objects from management.
 void StoreContext.retrieve(Object pc, boolean fgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
          Immediately load the given object's persistent fields.
 void DelegatingBroker.retrieve(Object obj, boolean fgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.retrieve(Object obj, boolean dfgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
 void StoreContext.retrieveAll(Collection<Object> objs, boolean fgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
          Retrieve the given objects' persistent state.
 void DelegatingBroker.retrieveAll(Collection objs, boolean fgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.retrieveAll(Collection objs, boolean dfgOnly, OpCallbacks call)
 void DelegatingBroker.setImplicitBehavior(OpCallbacks call, RuntimeExceptionTranslator ex)
 void BrokerImpl.setImplicitBehavior(OpCallbacks call, RuntimeExceptionTranslator ex)
 void Broker.setImplicitBehavior(OpCallbacks call, RuntimeExceptionTranslator ex)
          Set the broker's behavior for implicit actions such as flushing, automatic detachment, and exceptions thrown by managed instances outside a broker operation.
 void StoreContext.transactional(Object pc, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given object transactional.
 void DelegatingBroker.transactional(Object pc, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.transactional(Object obj, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given instances transactional.
 void StoreContext.transactionalAll(Collection<Object> objs, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given objects transactional.
 void DelegatingBroker.transactionalAll(Collection objs, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
 void BrokerImpl.transactionalAll(Collection objs, boolean updateVersion, OpCallbacks call)
          Make the given instances transactional.

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.kernel with parameters of type OpCallbacks
AttachManager(BrokerImpl broker, boolean copyNew, OpCallbacks call)
DetachManager(BrokerImpl broker, boolean full, OpCallbacks call)

Uses of OpCallbacks in org.apache.openjpa.persistence

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.persistence that implement OpCallbacks
 class EntityManagerImpl
          Implementation of EntityManager interface.

Uses of OpCallbacks in org.apache.openjpa.slice

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.slice with parameters of type OpCallbacks
 OpenJPAStateManager DistributedBrokerImpl.persist(Object pc, Object id, boolean explicit, OpCallbacks call)
          Assigns slice identifier to the resultant StateManager as initialized by the super class implementation.

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