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org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps OpenJPA-JDBC Expression Tree 
org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps OpenJPA Expression Tree 

Uses of Val in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps

Subclasses of Val in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps
 class PCPath
          A path represents a traversal into fields of a candidate object.

Uses of Val in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps

Subclasses of Val in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps
(package private)  class Abs
          Take the absolute value of a number.
(package private)  class Add
          Value produced by two values being added together.
(package private)  class Aggregate
          A value produced from evaluating a result aggregate.
(package private)  class AggregateVal
          An aggregate of some value.
(package private)  class All
          In-memory All implementation.
(package private)  class Any
          In-memory Any implementation.
(package private)  class Args
          A list of arguments to a multi-argument function.
(package private)  class Avg
          Average values.
(package private)  class BoundVariable
          Represents a bound variable.
 class CandidatePath
          A path represents a traversal into fields of a candidate object.
(package private)  class Cast
          Represents a cast.
 class Coalesce
          An in-memory representation of a coalesce expression
(package private)  class CollectionParam
          Represents a collection valued input parameter.
(package private)  class Concat
          Concatenate two strings together.
(package private)  class Count
          Count non-null values.
(package private)  class CurrentDate
          Represents the current date.
(package private)  class Distinct
          A distinct set of the specified values.
(package private)  class Divide
          Value produced by one value being divided by another.
(package private)  class Extension
          A value produced from evaluating a custom extension.
(package private)  class GeneralCase
          An in-memory representation of a general case expression
(package private)  class GetMapValue
          Returns the value of the specified key in a Map.
(package private)  class GetObjectId
          Get the oid of an object.
(package private)  class Index
          Returns the index of a value within a collection/map.
(package private)  class IndexOf
          Find the index of one string within another.
(package private)  class Lit
          Represents a literal.
(package private)  class MathVal
          Value produced by a mathematical operation on two values.
(package private)  class Max
          Find the max.
(package private)  class Min
          Find the min.
(package private)  class Mod
          Value produced by one value being mod'd by another.
(package private)  class Multiply
          Value produced by two values being multiplied together.
(package private)  class Null
          Represents the null constant.
 class NullIf
          An in-memory representation of a nullif expression
(package private)  class Param
          Represents a parameter.
 class SimpleCase
          An in-memory representation of a simple case expression
(package private)  class Size
          Returns the count of a collection.
(package private)  class Sqrt
          Take the square root of a number.
(package private)  class StringLength
          Returns the number of characters in the String.
(package private)  class SubQ
          An in-memory representation of a Subquery.
(package private)  class Substring
          Take the substring of a string.
(package private)  class Subtract
          Value produced by one value being subtracted from another.
(package private)  class Sum
          Sum values.
(package private)  class This
          Represents the 'this' ptr in a filter.
(package private)  class ToLowerCase
          Lower-case a string.
(package private)  class ToUpperCase
          Upper-case a string.
(package private)  class Trim
          Trims leading, trailing, or both charactes from a String.
(package private)  class Type
          Returns the entity type.
(package private)  class TypeLit
          Represents a type literal.
(package private)  class UnaryMathVal
          Value produced by a mathematical operation on one value.
(package private)  class UnboundVariable
          Represents an unbound variable.
(package private)  class ValuePath
          Represents a path that begins with a variable or parameter.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps that return Val
 Val WhenCondition.getVal()
 Val[] Coalesce.getVal()
 Val WhenScalar.getVal1()
 Val NullIf.getVal1()
 Val WhenScalar.getVal2()
 Val NullIf.getVal2()

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps with parameters of type Val
Abs(Val val)
Add(Val val1, Val val2)
Aggregate(AggregateListener listener, Val arg)
AggregateVal(Val val)
All(Val val)
Any(Val val)
Avg(Val val)
BindKeyVariableExpression(BoundVariable var, Val val)
BindValueVariableExpression(BoundVariable var, Val val)
BindVariableExpression(BoundVariable var, Val val)
Cast(Val val, Class cast)
Coalesce(Val[] val)
CompareExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
Concat(Val val, Val args)
ContainsExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
ContainsKeyExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
ContainsValueExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
Count(Val val)
Distinct(Val val)
Divide(Val val1, Val val2)
EndsWithExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
EqualExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
Extension(FilterListener listener, Val target, Val arg)
GeneralCase(Exp[] exp, Val val)
GetMapValue(Val map, Val arg)
GetObjectId(Val val)
GreaterThanEqualExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
GreaterThanExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
Index(Val val)
IndexOf(Val val, Val args)
InstanceofExpression(Val val, Class cls)
          Constructor; supply value and class.
IsEmptyExpression(Val val)
LessThanEqualExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
LessThanExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
MatchesExpression(Val val1, Val val2, String single, String multi, String escape, boolean affirmation)
MathVal(Val val1, Val val2)
Max(Val val)
Min(Val val)
Mod(Val val1, Val val2)
Multiply(Val val1, Val val2)
NotEqualExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
NullIf(Val val1, Val val2)
SimpleCase(Val caseOperand, Exp[] exp, Val val)
Size(Val val)
Sqrt(Val val)
StartsWithExpression(Val val1, Val val2)
StringLength(Val val)
Substring(Val val, Val args)
Subtract(Val val1, Val val2)
Sum(Val val)
ToLowerCase(Val val)
ToUpperCase(Val val)
Trim(Val val, Val trimChar, Boolean where)
Type(Val val)
UnaryMathVal(Val val)
ValExpression(Val val)
ValuePath(Val val)
WhenCondition(Exp exp, Val val)
WhenScalar(Val val1, Val val2)

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