Class WASManagedRuntime.WASSynchronization

  extended by
Enclosing class:

static class WASManagedRuntime.WASSynchronization
extends Object

WASSynchronization wrapper. This class translates the WAS proprietary synchronization callback methods to javax.transaction.Synchronization methods.

This class implements the interface. Since SynchronizationCallback is not available at compile time we use Serp to add the interface to the class after all classes have been compiled.

SynchronizationCallback is expected to be available whenever this class is instantiated, therefore this class should only be used when running in WebSphere.

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Field Summary
(package private)  Synchronization _sync
Constructor Summary
WASManagedRuntime.WASSynchronization(Synchronization sync)
Method Summary
 void afterCompletion(int localTransactionId, byte[] globalTransactionId, boolean committed)
          AfterCompletion wrapper.
 void beforeCompletion(int arg0, byte[] arg1)
          BeforeCompletion wrapper.
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Field Detail


Synchronization _sync
Constructor Detail


WASManagedRuntime.WASSynchronization(Synchronization sync)
Method Detail


public void afterCompletion(int localTransactionId,
                            byte[] globalTransactionId,
                            boolean committed)
AfterCompletion wrapper. Translates the WAS proprietary call to a javax.transaction.Synchronization call.


public void beforeCompletion(int arg0,
                             byte[] arg1)
BeforeCompletion wrapper. Translates WAS proprietary call to a javax.transaction.Synchronization call.

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