Interface FillStrategy<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
FillStrategy.Array, FillStrategy.Assign, FillStrategy.Bean, FillStrategy.Factory, FillStrategy.Map, FillStrategy.NewInstance

public interface FillStrategy<T>

A strategy to fill data into a ResultShape.
Available strategy implementations can fill by invoking constructor, setting array elements, direct assignment, invoking put(key,value)-style method on Map or factory-constructed instance.

Pinaki Poddar

Nested Class Summary
static class FillStrategy.Array<T>
          Fills an array of given type.
static class FillStrategy.Assign<T>
          Populate an instance by simply assigning the 0-th element of the input values.
static class FillStrategy.Bean<T>
          Create and populate a bean by invoking setter methods identified by alias name with each array element value as argument.
static class FillStrategy.Factory<T>
          Populate an instance created by given factory using a given put(key,value) method.
static class FillStrategy.Map<T>
          Construct and populate an instance by invoking the put method with each alias as key and element of the given array of values.
static class FillStrategy.NewInstance<T>
          Construct and populate an instance by the given constructor and arguments.
Field Summary
static Localizer _loc
Method Summary
 T fill(Object[] data, Class<?>[] types, String[] aliases)

Field Detail


static final Localizer _loc
Method Detail


T fill(Object[] data,
       Class<?>[] types,
       String[] aliases)

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