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org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps OpenJPA Expression Tree 

Uses of Exp in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps

Subclasses of Exp in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps
(package private)  class AndExpression
          An expression that AND's two others together.
(package private)  class BindKeyVariableExpression
          BindVariableExpression for map key sets.
(package private)  class BindValueVariableExpression
          BindVariableExpression for map value collections.
(package private)  class BindVariableAndExpression
          Any contains(var) expression must be followed by at least one AND clause using the variable 'var'.
(package private)  class BindVariableExpression
          Binds a variable to a collection.
(package private)  class CompareExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class ContainsExpression
          Tests that a Collection contains a value.
(package private)  class ContainsKeyExpression
          Tests that a Map key set contains a value.
(package private)  class ContainsValueExpression
          Tests that a Map value collection contains a value.
(package private)  class EndsWithExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class EqualExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class GreaterThanEqualExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class GreaterThanExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class InstanceofExpression
          Tests whether a value is an instance of a class.
(package private)  class IsEmptyExpression
          Expression to test for an empty Collection.
(package private)  class LessThanEqualExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class LessThanExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class MatchesExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class NotEqualExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class NotExpression
          An expression that NOT's another.
(package private)  class OrExpression
          An expression that OR's two others together.
(package private)  class StartsWithExpression
          Expression that compares two others.
(package private)  class ValExpression
          Boolean value used as an expression.
 class WhenCondition
 class WhenScalar

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps that return Exp
 Exp WhenCondition.getExp()
 Exp AndExpression.getExpression1()
 Exp AndExpression.getExpression2()

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps with parameters of type Exp
AndExpression(Exp exp1, Exp exp2)
BindVariableAndExpression(BindVariableExpression var, Exp exp)
GeneralCase(Exp[] exp, Val val)
NotExpression(Exp exp)
OrExpression(Exp exp1, Exp exp2)
SimpleCase(Val caseOperand, Exp[] exp, Val val)
WhenCondition(Exp exp, Val val)

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