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org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria OpenJPA Criteria Query 

Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria
(package private)  class CompareByExample<T>
          An expression for query-by-example.
static class Expressions.Abs<X>
static class Expressions.All<X>
static class Expressions.Any<X>
static class Expressions.Avg
static class Expressions.Between<Y extends Comparable<Y>>
static class Expressions.BinarayFunctionalExpression<X>
          Binary Functional Expression applies a binary function on a pair of input Expression.
static class Expressions.BinaryLogicalExpression
          Binary Logical Expression applies a function on a pair of input Expression to generate a Predicate i.e.
static class Expressions.Case<T>
static class Expressions.Cast<B>
static class Expressions.CastAs<Y>
static class Expressions.Coalesce<T>
static class Expressions.Concat
static class Expressions.Constant<X>
static class Expressions.Count
static class Expressions.CurrentDate
static class Expressions.CurrentTime
static class Expressions.CurrentTimestamp
static class Expressions.DatabaseFunction<T>
static class Expressions.Diff<N extends Number>
static class Expressions.Equal
static class Expressions.Exists<X>
static class Expressions.FunctionalExpression<X>
          Functional Expression applies a function on a list of input Expressions.
static class Expressions.GreaterThan
static class Expressions.GreaterThanEqual
static class Expressions.In<T>
static class Expressions.Index
static class Expressions.IsEmpty
static class Expressions.IsMember<E>
static class Expressions.IsNotEmpty
static class Expressions.IsNotNull
static class Expressions.IsNull
static class Expressions.Length
static class Expressions.LessThan
static class Expressions.LessThanEqual
static class Expressions.Like
static class Expressions.ListArgument<T>
          An expression that is composed of one or more expressions.
static class Expressions.Locate
static class Expressions.Lower
static class Expressions.Max<X>
static class Expressions.Min<X>
static class Expressions.Mod
static class Expressions.Not
static class Expressions.NotEqual
static class Expressions.Nullif<T>
static class Expressions.Product<N extends Number>
static class Expressions.Quotient<N extends Number>
static class Expressions.SimpleCase<C,R>
static class Expressions.Size
static class Expressions.Sqrt
static class Expressions.SubqueryExpression<X>
static class Expressions.SubqueryPredicate<X>
static class Expressions.Substring
static class Expressions.Sum<N extends Number>
static class Expressions.Trim
static class Expressions.Type<X extends Class>
static class Expressions.UnaryFunctionalExpression<X>
          Unary Functional Expression applies a unary function on a input operand Expression.
static class Expressions.Upper
(package private)  class FetchPathImpl<Z,X>
(package private)  class FromImpl<Z,X>
          Represents a bound type, usually an entity that appears in the from clause, but may also be an embeddable belonging to an entity in the from clause.
(package private) static class Joins.AbstractCollection<Z,C,E>
          Join a plural attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.Collection<Z,E>
          Join a java.util.Collection<E> type attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.KeyJoin<K,V>
          A specialized join via key of a java.util.Map<K,V> attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.List<Z,E>
          Join a java.util.List<E> type attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.Map<Z,K,V>
          Join a java.util.Map<K,V> type attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.MapEntry<K,V>
(package private) static class Joins.MapKey<Z,K>
(package private) static class Joins.Set<Z,E>
          Join a java.util.Set<E> type attribute.
(package private) static class Joins.SingularJoin<Z,X>
          Join a single-valued attribute.
(package private)  class ParameterExpressionImpl<T>
          Parameter of a criteria query.
(package private)  class PathImpl<Z,X>
          Path is an expression often representing a persistent attribute traversed from another (parent) path.
(package private)  class PredicateImpl
          Predicate is a expression that evaluates to true or false.
(package private) static class PredicateImpl.And
          Concrete AND predicate.
(package private) static class PredicateImpl.Or
          Concrete OR predicate.
(package private)  class RootImpl<X>
          A root path without a parent.
(package private)  class SubqueryImpl<T>
          Subquery is an expression which itself is a query and always appears in the context of a parent query.

Fields in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria declared as ExpressionImpl
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.CastAs.actual
protected  ExpressionImpl<?>[] Expressions.FunctionalExpression.args
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.IsEmpty.collection
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.IsNotEmpty.collection
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.IsMember.collection
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.UnaryFunctionalExpression.e
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.IsNull.e
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.IsNotNull.e
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<T> Expressions.In.e
protected  ExpressionImpl<Boolean> Expressions.Not.e
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.BinarayFunctionalExpression.e1
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.BinaryLogicalExpression.e1
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.BinarayFunctionalExpression.e2
protected  ExpressionImpl<?> Expressions.BinaryLogicalExpression.e2
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<E> Expressions.IsMember.element
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<Character> Expressions.Like.escapeChar
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<String> Expressions.Like.pattern
(package private)  ExpressionImpl<String> Expressions.Like.str

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria that return ExpressionImpl
 ExpressionImpl<?> OrderImpl.getExpression()

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria that return types with arguments of type ExpressionImpl
protected  Map<ExpressionImpl<?>,Value> CriteriaExpressionBuilder.evalOrdering(QueryExpressions exps, ExpressionFactory factory, CriteriaQueryImpl<?> q)
          Evaluates the ordering expressions by converting them to kernel values.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria with parameters of type ExpressionImpl
(package private) static Value Expressions.toValue(ExpressionImpl<?> e, ExpressionFactory factory, CriteriaQueryImpl<?> q)
          Convert the given Criteria expression to a corresponding kernel value using the given ExpressionFactory.

Method parameters in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria with type arguments of type ExpressionImpl
protected  void CriteriaExpressionBuilder.evalProjections(QueryExpressions exps, ExpressionFactory factory, CriteriaQueryImpl<?> q, Map<ExpressionImpl<?>,Value> exp2Vals)

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.persistence.criteria with parameters of type ExpressionImpl
Expressions.CastAs(Class<Y> cast, ExpressionImpl<?> actual)
Expressions.IsNotNull(ExpressionImpl<?> e)
Expressions.IsNull(ExpressionImpl<?> e)
Expressions.ListArgument(Class<T> cls, ExpressionImpl<?>... args)

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