Interface FinderTargetPolicy

public interface FinderTargetPolicy

Policy to select one or more of the physical databases referred as slice in which a given finder will be executed.

Pinaki Poddar
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Method Summary
 String[] getTargets(Class<?> cls, Object oid, List<String> slices, Object context)
          Gets the name of the slices where a given finder will be executed.

Method Detail


String[] getTargets(Class<?> cls,
                    Object oid,
                    List<String> slices,
                    Object context)
Gets the name of the slices where a given finder will be executed.

cls - The class of the finder.
oid - the primary key for the finder
slices - list of names of the active slices. The ordering of the list is either explicit openjpa.slice.Names property or implicit i.e. alphabetic order of available identifiers if openjpa.slice.Names is unspecified.
context - generic persistence context managing the given instance.
identifier of the slices. This names must match one of the given slice names.
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