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Packages that use OpenJPAId
org.apache.openjpa.util OpenJPA Utilities 

Uses of OpenJPAId in org.apache.openjpa.util

Subclasses of OpenJPAId in org.apache.openjpa.util
 class BigDecimalId
 class BigIntegerId
 class BooleanId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for boolean fields.
 class ByteId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for byte fields.
 class CharId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for char fields.
 class DateId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for Date fields.
 class DoubleId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for double fields.
 class FloatId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for float fields.
 class Id
          Datastore identity type.
 class IntId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for int fields.
 class LongId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for long fields.
 class ObjectId
          Identity type appropriate for object primary key fields and shared id classes.
 class ShortId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for short fields.
 class StringId
          OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for String fields.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util with parameters of type OpenJPAId
protected  boolean StringId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean ShortId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected abstract  boolean OpenJPAId.idEquals(OpenJPAId other)
          Compare the id to the id of the given instance.
protected  boolean ObjectId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean LongId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean IntId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean Id.idEquals(OpenJPAId other)
protected  boolean FloatId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean DoubleId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean DateId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean CharId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean ByteId.idEquals(OpenJPAId o)
protected  boolean BooleanId.idEquals(OpenJPAId other)
protected  boolean BigIntegerId.idEquals(OpenJPAId other)
protected  boolean BigDecimalId.idEquals(OpenJPAId other)

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