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Packages that use JMXInstrument

Uses of JMXInstrument in org.apache.openjpa.instrumentation.jmx

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.instrumentation.jmx that implement JMXInstrument
 class DataCacheJMXInstrument
          A JMX-specific instrument for the data cache
 class PreparedQueryCacheJMXInstrument
          A JMX-specific instrument for the query cache
 class QueryCacheJMXInstrument
          A JMX-specific instrument for the query cache

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.instrumentation.jmx with parameters of type JMXInstrument
static ObjectName JMXProvider.createObjectName(JMXInstrument instrument, Map<String,String> props)
          Creates an object name for the supplied instrument and key properties
protected  void JMXProvider.registerMBean(JMXInstrument mBean)
          Register an MBean with the mbean server.

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