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org.apache.openjpa.meta OpenJPA Metadata 

Uses of FetchGroup in org.apache.openjpa.meta

Fields in org.apache.openjpa.meta declared as FetchGroup
(package private) static FetchGroup FetchGroup.ALL
          Standard "all" fetch group.
(package private) static FetchGroup FetchGroup.DEFAULT
          Standard default fetch group.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.meta that return FetchGroup
 FetchGroup ClassMetaData.addDeclaredFetchGroup(String name)
          Adds fetch group of the given name, or returns existing instance.
 FetchGroup[] ClassMetaData.getCustomFetchGroups()
          Return all fetch groups for this type, including superclass groups but excluding the standard groups such as "default" or "all".
 FetchGroup[] ClassMetaData.getDeclaredFetchGroups()
          Return the fetch groups declared explicitly in this type.
 FetchGroup ClassMetaData.getFetchGroup(String name)
          Gets a named fetch group.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.meta with parameters of type FetchGroup
 boolean FetchGroup.addContainedBy(FetchGroup parent)
          Adds this receiver as one of the included fetch groups of the given parent.
(package private)  void FetchGroup.copy(FetchGroup fg)
          Copy state from the given fetch group.
 boolean ClassMetaData.removeDeclaredFetchGroup(FetchGroup fg)
          Remove a declared fetch group.

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