Package org.apache.openjpa.conf

OpenJPA Configuration


Interface Summary
CacheMarshaller Responsible for marshalling and unmarshalling objects between memory and durable cache.
CacheMarshaller.ValidationPolicy Validation policies are responsible for computing whether or not a cached data structure is valid for the current context.
OpenJPAConfiguration Defines the properties necessary to configure runtime properties and connect to a data source.
OpenJPAProductDerivation Adds datastore based extension to ProductDerivation.

Class Summary
AutoDetachValue Value type used to represent auto detach flags.
BrokerFactoryValue Value type used to represent the BrokerFactory.
BrokerValue Custom PluginValue that can efficiently create BrokerImpl instances.
CacheMarshallerImpl Default CacheMarshaller implementation that writes data to a specified file and reads data from a specified file or URL.
CacheMarshallersValue A configuration value for handling and accessing cache marshallers.
CallbackOptions Configurable options for callbacks.
Compatibility Struct encompassing backwards-compatibility options.
DetachOptions Detach options.
DetachOptions.All Public to allow reflection.
DetachOptions.FetchGroups Public to allow reflection.
DetachOptions.Loaded Detach loaded state.
MetaDataCacheMaintenance Performs maintenance tasks on the metadata caches accessible via the CacheMarshaller architecture.
MetaDataRepositoryValue A PluginValue that interacts with the CacheMarshaller to cache the metadata repository between executions.
NoOpCacheMarshaller Implementation of CacheMarshaller that does nothing.
OpenJPAConfigurationImpl Implementation of the OpenJPAConfiguration interface.
OpenJPAVersion This class contains version information for OpenJPA.
OpenJPAVersionAndConfigurationTypeValidationPolicy Compute validity based on whether or not the cached data is from the same version of Kodo as the current install.
QueryCompilationCacheValue A cache of compiled queries.
RemoteCommitProviderValue Value type used to represent a RemoteCommitProvider.
SeqValue Value type used to represent a sequence.
Specification An immutable representation of a Specification supported by OpenJPA.
SpecificationPlugin A plug-in for Specification that enforces certain overwriting rules.

Package org.apache.openjpa.conf Description

OpenJPA Configuration

This package provides base OpenJPA configuration interfaces.

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