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org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps OpenJPA-JDBC Expression Tree 

Uses of Exp in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps that implement Exp
(package private)  class AndExpression
          Combines two expressions.
(package private)  class BindVariableAndExpression
          Combines a bind variable expression with another.
(package private)  class BindVariableExpression
          Binds a variable to a value.
(package private)  class CompareEqualExpression
          Compares two values for equality.
(package private)  class CompareExpression
          Compares two values.
(package private)  class ConstInstanceofExpression
          Tests whether a value is an instance of a class.
(package private)  class ContainsExpression
          Tests whether one value contains another.
(package private)  class ContainsKeyExpression
          Tests whether a map value contains a key.
(package private)  class EmptyExpression
          An empty expression.
(package private)  class EndsWithExpression
          Test if one string ends with another.
(package private)  class EqualExpression
          Compares two values.
(package private)  class EqualTypeExpression
          Compares two entity types.
(package private)  class Extension
          Filter listener that evaluates to a value.
(package private)  class InExpression
          Tests whether a value is IN a collection.
(package private)  class InKeyExpression
          Tests whether a value is IN a map key set.
(package private)  class InstanceofExpression
          Tests whether the given path is an instance of the given class.
(package private)  class InSubQExpression
          Tests whether a value is IN a subquery.
(package private)  class InValueExpression
          Tests whether a value is IN a map value collection.
(package private)  class IsEmptyExpression
          Tests whether the given value is empty.
(package private)  class IsNotEmptyExpression
          Tests whether the given value is not empty.
(package private)  class MatchesExpression
          Test if a string matches a regexp.
(package private)  class NotContainsExpression
          Negates a contains expression using a subselect to make sure no elements meet the criteria.
(package private)  class NotEqualExpression
          Compares two values.
(package private)  class NotEqualTypeExpression
          Compares two entity types.
(package private)  class NotExpression
          Negates an expression.
(package private)  class OrExpression
          Combines two expressions.
(package private)  class StartsWithExpression
          Test if one string starts with another.
 class WhenCondition
          Value produced by a when_clause of a case expression.
 class WhenScalar
          Value produced by a when_clause of a case expression.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps that return Exp
 Exp WhenCondition.getExp()
 Exp[] SimpleCaseExpression.getExp()
 Exp[] GeneralCaseExpression.getExp()

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps with parameters of type Exp
AndExpression(Exp exp1, Exp exp2)
BindVariableAndExpression(BindVariableExpression bind, Exp exp)
GeneralCaseExpression(Exp[] exp, Val val)
NotContainsExpression(Exp exp)
NotExpression(Exp exp)
OrExpression(Exp exp1, Exp exp2)
SimpleCaseExpression(Val caseOperand, Exp[] exp, Val val)
WhenCondition(Exp exp, Val val)

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