Package org.apache.openjpa.enhance

OpenJPA Enhancer


Interface Summary
ApplicationIdTool.ObjectIdLoader Interface implemented by metadata factories that can load non-existant object id classes.
DynamicStorage Interface for dynamically generated classes.
FieldConsumer Consumes persistent field values.
FieldManager Manages persistent fields.
FieldSupplier Supplies persistent field values.
PCDataGenerator.DynamicPCData Dynamic PCDatas generated will implement this interface to simplify initialization.
PCEnhancer.AuxiliaryEnhancer Plugin interface for additional enhancement.
PCRegistry.RegisterClassListener Listener for persistent class registration events.
PersistenceCapable The interface that persistent instances will implement.
StateManager Internal state manager for managed instances.

Class Summary
ApplicationIdTool Generates a class appropriate for use as an application identity class.
ApplicationIdTool.Flags Run flags.
CodeGenerator Generates Java class code from metadata.
DynamicStorageGenerator Factory for creating new DynamicStorage classes.
PCClassFileTransformer Transformer that makes persistent classes implement the PersistenceCapable interface at runtime.
PCDataGenerator Generates PCDataGenerator.DynamicPCData instances which avoid primitve wrappers to optimize memory use and performance at the cost of slightly higher startup time.
PCEnhancer Bytecode enhancer used to enhance persistent classes from metadata.
PCEnhancer.Flags Run flags.
PCEnhancerAgent Java agent that makes persistent classes implement the PersistenceCapable interface at runtime.
PCRegistry Tracks registered persistence-capable classes.

Package org.apache.openjpa.enhance Description

OpenJPA Enhancer

This package provides a bytecode enhancer used to post-process classes for use in a OpenJPA runtime. A tool for generating application identity class sourcecode is also provided.

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