Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.util

General Utilities


Interface Summary
BytecodeWriter Control how enhanced bytecode is written.
Closeable Generic interface for components that can be closed so that helpers can treate them in a generic way.
EventManager Basic event manager interface.
ReferenceMap A Map type that can hold its keys, values, or both with weak or soft references.
SizedMap A Map type that maintains a maximum size, automatically removing entries when the maximum is exceeded.

Class Summary
AbstractEventManager Base event manager that handles adding/removing listeners and firing events.
Base16Encoder Base 16 encoder.
Bytes This class came from the Apache Commons Id sandbox project in support of the UUIDGenerator implementation.
CodeFormat Encapsulates some common Java source code formatting options.
Files Utility operations on files.
FormatPreservingProperties A specialization of Properties that stores its contents in the same order and with the same formatting as was used to read the contents from an input stream.
JavaVersions Utilities for dealing with different Java spec versions.
Localizer The Localizer provides convenient access to localized strings.
Localizer.Message A Message can provide a localized message via the Localizer.Message.getMessage() method call, and can also provide the original key, package, and substitution array that were used to assemble the message.
LRUMap Extension of the commons LRUMap that can change its maximum size.
MultiClassLoader Class loader type that can be configured to delegate to multiple internal class loaders.
Options A specialization of the Properties map type with the added abilities to read application options from the command line and to use bean patterns to set an object's properties via command-line the stored mappings.
ParameterTemplate A template that allows parameter substitutions.
ReferenceHashMap Map in which the key, value, or both may be weak/soft references.
ReferenceHashSet A set whose values may be stored as weak or soft references.
Services Utility classes to locate services, as defined in the Jar File Specification.
SimpleRegex Allows for simple regex style testing of strings.
StringDistance Utilities for calculating string distance.
TemporaryClassLoader ClassLoader implementation that allows classes to be temporarily loaded and then thrown away.
TypedProperties A specialization of the Properties map type with added convenience methods to retrieve and set options as primitive values.
UUIDGenerator UUID value generator.

Exception Summary
ParseException Exception type for parse errors.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.util Description

General Utilities

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