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Packages that use DynamicStorageGenerator
org.apache.openjpa.datacache OpenJPA Data Cache 
org.apache.openjpa.enhance OpenJPA Enhancer 

Uses of DynamicStorageGenerator in org.apache.openjpa.datacache

Subclasses of DynamicStorageGenerator in org.apache.openjpa.datacache
 class DataCachePCDataGenerator
          A PCDataGenerator instance which generates properly synchronized instances suitable for use in the cache.

Uses of DynamicStorageGenerator in org.apache.openjpa.enhance

Subclasses of DynamicStorageGenerator in org.apache.openjpa.enhance
 class PCDataGenerator
          Generates PCDataGenerator.DynamicPCData instances which avoid primitve wrappers to optimize memory use and performance at the cost of slightly higher startup time.

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