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Packages that use RemoteCommitEvent
org.apache.openjpa.datacache OpenJPA Data Cache 
org.apache.openjpa.event OpenJPA Events 

Uses of RemoteCommitEvent in org.apache.openjpa.datacache

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.datacache with parameters of type RemoteCommitEvent
 void AbstractQueryCache.afterCommit(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          This method is part of the RemoteCommitListener interface.
 void AbstractDataCache.afterCommit(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          This method is part of the RemoteCommitListener interface.

Uses of RemoteCommitEvent in org.apache.openjpa.event

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.event with parameters of type RemoteCommitEvent
 void RemoteCommitListener.afterCommit(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          Notification that a transaction associated with a different BrokerFactory has successfully committed.
 void SingleJVMRemoteCommitProvider.broadcast(RemoteCommitEvent event)
 void JMSRemoteCommitProvider.broadcast(RemoteCommitEvent event)
 void TCPRemoteCommitProvider.broadcast(RemoteCommitEvent event)
 void RemoteCommitProvider.broadcast(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          Notifies other remote event managers in this JVM and on other machines of changes to the cache.
protected  Message JMSRemoteCommitProvider.createMessage(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          Returns a new Message to send to the topic.
protected  void AbstractRemoteCommitProvider.fireEvent(RemoteCommitEvent event)
          Fire a remote commit event via the cached event manager.

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