Class PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl

  extended by org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl
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public static class PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl
extends Object
implements ClassResolver

Simple class resolver built around the persistence unit loader.

Constructor Summary
PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl(ClassLoader loader)
Method Summary
 ClassLoader getClassLoader(Class ctx, ClassLoader env)
          Return a class loader that can be used to load classes and resources.
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Constructor Detail


public PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl(ClassLoader loader)
Method Detail


public ClassLoader getClassLoader(Class ctx,
                                  ClassLoader env)
Description copied from interface: ClassResolver
Return a class loader that can be used to load classes and resources. This can be a standard class loader, or a customized loader such as a MultiClassLoader.

Specified by:
getClassLoader in interface ClassResolver
ctx - the context class; may be null if no context class
env - the thread's context class loader when the persistence environment (i.e. broker) was obtained; may be null if operating outside the context of persistence environment

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