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org.apache.openjpa.util OpenJPA Utilities 

Uses of ProxyCollection in org.apache.openjpa.util

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util that return ProxyCollection
 ProxyCollection ProxyCollection.newInstance(Class elementType, Comparator comp, boolean trackChanges)
          Create a new instance of this proxy type.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util with parameters of type ProxyCollection
static boolean ProxyCollections.addAll(ProxyCollection coll, Collection values)
          Override for Collection.addAll(java.util.Collection).
static boolean ProxyCollections.addAll(ProxyCollection coll, int index, Collection values)
          Override for List.addAll(int, Collection).
static boolean ProxyCollections.afterAdd(ProxyCollection coll, Object value, boolean added)
          Call after invoking Collection.add(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.afterAddElement(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call after invoking Vector#addElement(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.afterAddLast(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call after invoking LinkedList#addLast(Object) on super.
static Iterator ProxyCollections.afterIterator(ProxyCollection coll, Iterator itr)
          Wrap given iterator in a proxy.
static ListIterator ProxyCollections.afterListIterator(ProxyCollection coll, int idx, ListIterator itr)
          Wrap given iterator in a proxy.
static ListIterator ProxyCollections.afterListIterator(ProxyCollection coll, ListIterator itr)
          Wrap given iterator in a proxy.
static boolean ProxyCollections.afterOffer(ProxyCollection coll, Object value, boolean added)
          Call after invoking Queue#offer(Object) on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterPoll(ProxyCollection coll, Object removed)
          Call after invoking Queue#poll on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterRemove(ProxyCollection coll, int index, Object removed)
          Call after invoking List.remove(int) on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterRemove(ProxyCollection coll, Object removed)
          Call after invoking Queue#remove on super.
static boolean ProxyCollections.afterRemove(ProxyCollection coll, Object o, boolean removed)
          Call after invoking Collection.remove(java.lang.Object) on super.
static boolean ProxyCollections.afterRemoveElement(ProxyCollection coll, Object o, boolean removed)
          Call after invoking Vector#removeElement on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterRemoveFirst(ProxyCollection coll, Object removed)
          Call after invoking LinkedList#removeFirst on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterRemoveLast(ProxyCollection coll, Object removed)
          Call after invoking LinkedList#removeLast on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterSet(ProxyCollection coll, int index, Object element, Object replaced)
          Call after invoking List.set(int, E) on super.
static Object ProxyCollections.afterSetElementAt(ProxyCollection coll, Object element, int index, Object replaced)
          Call after invoking Vector#setElementAt on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeAdd(ProxyCollection coll, int index, Object value)
          Call before invoking List.add(int,Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeAdd(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call before invoking Collection.add(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeAddElement(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call before invoking Vector#addElement(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeAddFirst(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call before invoking LinkedList#addFirst(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeAddLast(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call before invoking LinkedList#addLast(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeClear(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call before clearing collection.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeInsertElementAt(ProxyCollection coll, Object value, int index)
          Call before invoking Vector#insertElementAt(Object,int) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeOffer(ProxyCollection coll, Object value)
          Call before invoking Queue#offer(Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforePoll(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call before invoking Queue#poll on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemove(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call before invoking Queue#remove on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemove(ProxyCollection coll, int index)
          Call before invoking List.remove(int) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemove(ProxyCollection coll, Object o)
          Call before invoking Collection.remove(java.lang.Object) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemoveAllElements(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call before clearing vector.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemoveElement(ProxyCollection coll, Object o)
          Call before invoking Vector#removeElement on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemoveElementAt(ProxyCollection coll, int index)
          Call before invoking Vector#removeElementAt(int) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemoveFirst(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call before invoking LinkedList#removeFirst on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeRemoveLast(ProxyCollection coll)
          Call after invoking LinkedList#removeLast on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeSet(ProxyCollection coll, int index, Object element)
          Call before invoking List.set(int, E) on super.
static void ProxyCollections.beforeSetElementAt(ProxyCollection coll, Object element, int index)
          Call before invoking Vector#setElementAt on super.
static boolean ProxyCollections.removeAll(ProxyCollection coll, Collection vals)
          Override for Collection.removeAll(java.util.Collection).
static boolean ProxyCollections.retainAll(ProxyCollection coll, Collection vals)
          Override for Collection.retainAll(java.util.Collection).

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