OpenJPA Enterprise Extensions


Interface Summary
ManagedRuntime This interface must be implemented by concrete plugins to application servers in order to integrate the OpenJPA runtime in a managed environment.

Class Summary
AutomaticManagedRuntime Implementation of the ManagedRuntime interface that searches through a set of known JNDI locations and method invocations to locate the appropriate mechanism for obtaining a TransactionManager.
InvocationManagedRuntime Implementation of the ManagedRuntime interface that uses a static method call to find the TransactionManager.
JNDIManagedRuntime Implementation of the ManagedRuntime interface that uses JNDI to find the TransactionManager.
RegistryManagedRuntime Implementation of the ManagedRuntime interface that uses the TransactionSynchronizationRegistry interface (new in JTA 1.1) to create a TransactionManager facade for controlling transactions.
RegistryManagedRuntime.TransactionManagerRegistryFacade A TransactionManager and Transaction facade that delegates the appropriate methods to the internally-held TransactionSynchronizationRegistry.
SunOneManagedRuntime ManagedRuntime implementation for SunONE.
WASManagedRuntime ManagedRuntime implementation that allows synchronization with a WebSphere managed transaction.
WASRegistryManagedRuntime WASRegistryManagedRuntime provides WebSphere specific extensions to RegistryManagedRuntime.
WLSManagedRuntime ManagedRuntime implementation that directly accesses the transaction manager via WebLogic Server helper classes.

Package Description

OpenJPA Enterprise Extensions

This package provides enterprise extensions to the OpenJPA runtime.

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