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org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats OpenJPA-JDBC ORM Strategies 

Uses of AbstractStrategy in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats

Subclasses of AbstractStrategy in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats
 class AbstractClassStrategy
          No-op strategy for easy extension.
 class AbstractDiscriminatorStrategy
          No-op strategy for easy extension.
 class AbstractFieldStrategy
          No-op strategy for easy extension.
 class AbstractVersionStrategy
          No-op strategy for easy extension.
 class ClassNameDiscriminatorStrategy
          Stores the class name along with each database object record.
 class ColumnVersionStrategy
          Uses a single column and corresponding version object.
 class ContainerFieldStrategy
          An abstract container mapping that handles traversing the join to examine the size of the relation.
 class EmbeddedClassStrategy
          Class mapping for embedded objects.
 class EmbedFieldStrategy
          Mapping for an embedded persistent object.
 class FlatClassStrategy
          Mapping for classes mapped to their superclass table.
 class FullClassStrategy
          Mapping for when the class maps all fields to its own table.
 class HandlerCollectionTableFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a collection of values in a separate table controlled by a ValueHandler.
 class HandlerFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a single-valued field that delegates to a ValueHandler.
 class HandlerHandlerMapTableFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a map of keys and values both controlled by ValueHandlers.
 class HandlerRelationMapTableFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a map whose keys are controlled by a ValueHandler and whose values are relations to other persistent objects.
 class InValueDiscriminatorStrategy
          Base discriminator strategy that determines the class of database records using a column holding a value mapped to a class, and limits SELECTs using an IN (...) statement.
 class LobFieldStrategy
          Direct mapping from a stream value to a column.
 class MapTableFieldStrategy
          Base class for map mappings.
 class MaxEmbeddedBlobFieldStrategy
          Mapping for serialized fields on a dictionary that has a maximum embedded BLOB size.
 class MaxEmbeddedByteArrayFieldStrategy
          Mapping for byte array fields on a dictionary that has a maximum embedded BLOB size.
 class MaxEmbeddedCharArrayFieldStrategy
          Mapping for CLOB character array on a dictionary that has a maximum embedded CLOB size.
 class MaxEmbeddedClobFieldStrategy
          Mapping for CLOB string on a dictionary that has a maximum embedded CLOB size.
 class NanoPrecisionTimestampVersionStrategy
          Uses a timestamp for optimistic versioning with nanosecond precision.
 class NoneClassStrategy
          Strategy for classes that aren't mapped.
 class NoneDiscriminatorStrategy
          No-op Discriminator strategy.
 class NoneFieldStrategy
          An unmapped field.
 class NoneVersionStrategy
          No-op version strategy.
 class NumberVersionStrategy
          Uses a version number for optimistic versioning.
 class ObjectIdClassStrategy
          Class mapping for embedded object id fields.
 class PrimitiveFieldStrategy
          Direct mapping from a primitive value to a column.
 class RelationCollectionInverseKeyFieldStrategy
          Maps a relation to a collection of other objects using an inverse foreign key in the related object table.
 class RelationCollectionTableFieldStrategy
          Maps a collection of related objects through an association table.
 class RelationFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a single-valued relation to another entity.
 class RelationHandlerMapTableFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a map whose keys are relations to other persistent objects and whose values are controlled by a ValueHandler.
 class RelationMapInverseKeyFieldStrategy
          Uses an inverse foreign key in the table of the map value to determine map values.
 class RelationMapTableFieldStrategy
          Uses an association table to hold map values.
 class RelationRelationMapTableFieldStrategy
          Mapping for a map whose keys and values are both relations to other persistent objects.
 class RelationToManyInverseKeyFieldStrategy
          Maps a relation to a set of other objects using an inverse foreign key in the related object table.
 class RelationToManyTableFieldStrategy
          Maps a set of related objects through an association table.
 class StateComparisonVersionStrategy
          Uses a state image to determine whether concurrency violations take place.
 class StoreCollectionFieldStrategy
          Base class for strategies that are stored as a collection, even if their field value is something else.
 class StringFieldStrategy
          Direct mapping from a string value to a column.
 class SubclassJoinDiscriminatorStrategy
          Discriminator strategy that outer joins to all possible subclass tables to determine the class of an instance.
 class SuperclassDiscriminatorStrategy
          Discriminator strategy that delegates to superclass discriminator.
 class SuperclassVersionStrategy
          Version strategy that delegates to the suerpclass version.
 class TimestampVersionStrategy
          Uses a timestamp for optimistic versioning.
 class ValueMapDiscriminatorStrategy
          Maps metadata-given values to classes.
 class VerticalClassStrategy
          Mapping for subclasses that join to their superclass table.

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