Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.schema

OpenJPA-JDBC Schema Management


Interface Summary
DriverDataSource A DataSource that allows additional configuration options to be set into it, so that it can wrap a JDBC driver or other DataSource.
SchemaFactory Factory for SchemaGroups.
SchemaGenerator.Listener A listener for a potentially lengthy schema generation process.
SchemaParser Interface class for parers that read schema information.
SchemaSerializer Interface for schema serializers.

Class Summary
Column Represents a database column.
ColumnIO Metadata about column I/O in a specific context.
Constraint A table constraint.
DataSourceFactory Factory for DataSource objects.
DynamicSchemaFactory Factory whose schema group dynamically fills itself with information as mappings validate themselves in their map method.
FileSchemaFactory Factory that uses an XML schema file to construct the system schema.
ForeignKey Represents a database foreign key; may be a logical key with no database representation.
Index Represents a database index.
LazySchemaFactory Factory that uses database metadata to construct the system schema.
LocalConstraint Constraint over local table columns, as opposed to a foreign key which spans tables.
NameSet Name sets track what names have been taken, ignoring case.
PrimaryKey Represents a table primary key.
Schema Represents a database schema.
SchemaGenerator The SchemaGenerator creates Schemas matching the current database.
SchemaGroup Represents a grouping of schemas used in a database.
Schemas Helper class to deal with schemas.
SchemaTool The SchemaTool is used to manage the database schema.
SchemaTool.Flags Run flags.
Sequence Represents a database sequence.
SimpleDriverDataSource Non-pooling driver data source.
Table Represents a database table.
TableSchemaFactory Factory that uses an XML schema definition stored in a database table to record the system schema.
Unique Represents a unique constraint.
XMLSchemaParser Custom SAX parser used to parse Schema objects.
XMLSchemaParser.UniqueInfo Used to hold unique constraint info before it is resolved.
XMLSchemaSerializer Serializes Schemas to XML matching the document type definition defined by the XMLSchemaParser.

Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.schema Description

OpenJPA-JDBC Schema Management

This package provides utilities for managing the schema of persistent objects stored in a relational database.

Schema components themselves are little more than standard Java beans. Helper classes are responsible for added functionality such as XML serialization/deserialization, etc.

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