Uses of Interface

Packages that use DetachState
org.apache.openjpa.conf OpenJPA Configuration 
org.apache.openjpa.kernel OpenJPA Runtime Kernel 
org.apache.openjpa.slice Extended OpenJPA Interfaces for distributed databases. 

Uses of DetachState in org.apache.openjpa.conf

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.conf that implement DetachState
 class DetachOptions
          Detach options.
static class DetachOptions.All
          Public to allow reflection.
static class DetachOptions.FetchGroups
          Public to allow reflection.
static class DetachOptions.Loaded
          Detach loaded state.

Uses of DetachState in org.apache.openjpa.kernel

Subinterfaces of DetachState in org.apache.openjpa.kernel
 interface Broker
          The broker is the primary interface into the OpenJPA runtime.

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.kernel that implement DetachState
 class BrokerImpl
          Concrete Broker.
 class DelegatingBroker
          Delegating broker that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
 class DetachManager
          Handles detaching instances.
 class FinalizingBrokerImpl
          Subtype of BrokerImpl that automatically closes itself during finalization.

Uses of DetachState in org.apache.openjpa.slice

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.slice that implement DetachState
 class DistributedBrokerImpl
          A specialized Broker to associate slice identifiers with the StateManagers as they are persisted in a cascade.

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