Package org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps

OpenJPA Expression Tree


Interface Summary
AggregateListener An aggregate listener aggregates data produced by an ExpressionQuery.
Arguments Multiple arguments to a function call.
Constant Interface for any query constant value.
Expression Interface for a set of conditions that must be met for the query to be true.
ExpressionFactory The ExpressionFactory must be implemented by a particular runtime to form Expressions in its native query language.
ExpressionParser Parser for query languages that will be used by a ExpressionQuery.
ExpressionVisitor Visits nodes of a query expression tree.
FilterListener A filter listener extends expression filters with custom functionality.
Literal Interface for any literal value.
Parameter A query parameter.
Path A path represents a traversal into fields of a candidate object.
Resolver A Resolver is used to resolve listeners and class or entity names that appear in a query.
Subquery Query value representing a subquery.
Value Interface for any non-operator in a query filter, including constants, variables, and object fields.

Class Summary
AbstractExpressionBuilder Abstract base class to help build expressions.
AbstractExpressionVisitor No-op abstract visitor meant for easy extension.
InMemoryExpressionFactory Expression factory implementation that can be used to execute queries in memory.
QueryExpressions Struct to hold the state of a parsed expression query.
StringContains Deprecated. Use matches() instead.
Val An in-memory representation of a Value.
WildcardMatch Deprecated. Use matches() instead.

Package org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps Description

OpenJPA Expression Tree

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