Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.conf

Configuration Framework


Interface Summary
Configurable This interface provides a mechanism for notifying interested objects when configuration events occur.
Configuration Interface for generic configuration objects.
ConfigurationProvider Implementations of this interface can populate Configurations in some environment-specific way.
GenericConfigurable Implementations of this interface may perform additional generic configuration with any key-value pairs that cannot be set into the object via the normal Options.setInto(java.lang.Object) means.
ProductDerivation Hooks for deriving products with additional functionality.
ValueListener Components can listen on Value objects for changes directly.

Class Summary
AbstractProductDerivation Abstract no-op product derivation for easy extension.
BooleanValue A boolean Value.
ConfigurationImpl Default implementation of the Configuration interface.
Configurations Utility methods dealing with configuration.
DoubleValue A double Value.
FileValue A File Value.
IntValue An int Value.
MapConfigurationProvider Simple configuration provider that sets configuration based on a provided map.
ObjectValue An object Value.
PluginListValue A list of plugins.
PluginValue A plugin Value consisting of plugin name and properties.
ProductDerivations Utilities for running product derivations.
StringListValue A comma-separated list of string values.
StringValue A string Value.
Value A configuration value.

Exception Summary
BootstrapException Exception recognized by bootstrap framework.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.conf Description

Configuration Framework

This package provides an extendable product configuration framework.

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