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Packages that use Graph
org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel OpenJPA-JDBC Runtime Kernel 
org.apache.openjpa.lib.graph Graph Abstraction 

Uses of Graph in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel with parameters of type Graph
protected  void ConstraintUpdateManager.flushGraph(Graph graph, PreparedStatementManager psMgr, boolean autoAssign)
          Flush the given graph of rows in the proper order.
protected  DepthFirstAnalysis ConstraintUpdateManager.newDepthFirstAnalysis(Graph graph, boolean autoAssign)
          Create a new DepthFirstAnalysis suitable for the given graph and auto-assign settings.

Uses of Graph in org.apache.openjpa.lib.graph

Constructors in org.apache.openjpa.lib.graph with parameters of type Graph
BreadthFirstWalk(Graph graph)
DepthFirstAnalysis(Graph graph)

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