Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence



Interface Summary
Extent<T> An extent is a logical view of all instances of a class.
FetchPlan The fetch plan allows you to dynamically alter eager fetching configuration and other aspects of data loading.
Generator Represents a store sequence.
OpenJPAEntityManager Interface implemented by OpenJPA entity managers.
OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory Interface implemented by OpenJPA entity manager factories.
OpenJPAEntityTransaction Extension of the JPA EntityTransaction interface.
OpenJPAQuery Interface implemented by OpenJPA queries.
QueryResultCache Query result cache.
StoreCache Represents the L2 cache over the data store.

Class Summary
AnnotationBuilder Helper class to stringify annotation declarations.
AnnotationPersistenceMetaDataParser Persistence annotation metadata parser.
AnnotationPersistenceMetaDataSerializer Serializes persistence metadata as annotations.
AnnotationPersistenceXMLMetaDataParser JAXB xml annotation metadata parser.
EntityExistsException Conflict with existing entity.
EntityManagerFactoryImpl Implementation of EntityManagerFactory that acts as a facade to a BrokerFactory.
EntityManagerFactoryValue Plugin type used to represent the EntityManagerFactory.
EntityManagerImpl Implementation of EntityManager interface.
EntityNotFoundException Missing entity.
ExtentImpl<T> An extent is a logical view of all instances of a class.
FetchPlanImpl Implements FetchPlan via delegation to FetchConfiguration.
GeneratorImpl Represents a store sequence.
JPAFacadeHelper Helper class for switching between OpenJPA's JPA facade and the underlying Broker kernel.
NonUniqueResultException Unique query returned multipl results.
NoResultException Unique query returned no results.
OpenJPAPersistence Static helper methods for JPA users.
OptimisticLockException Optimistic concurrency violation.
PersistenceException General persistence exception.
PersistenceExceptions Converts from OpenJPA to persistence exception types.
PersistenceMetaDataDefaults JPA-based metadata defaults.
PersistenceMetaDataFactory MetaDataFactory for JPA metadata.
PersistenceProductDerivation Sets JPA specification defaults and parses JPA specification XML files.
PersistenceProductDerivation.ConfigurationParser SAX handler capable of parsing an JPA persistence.xml file.
PersistenceProductDerivation.ConfigurationProviderImpl Custom configuration provider.
PersistenceProviderImpl Bootstrapping class that allows the creation of a stand-alone EntityManager.
PersistenceUnitInfoImpl Implementation of the PersistenceUnitInfo interface used by OpenJPA when parsing persistence configuration information.
PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.ClassResolverImpl Simple class resolver built around the persistence unit loader.
QueryImpl Implementation of Query interface.
QueryResultCacheImpl Implements Query result cache via delegation to QueryCache.
RollbackException Rollback occurred on attempt to commit.
StoreCacheImpl Implements the L2 cache over the data store via delegation to DataCache.
TransactionRequiredException Transaction required.
XMLPersistenceMetaDataParser Custom SAX parser used by the system to quickly parse persistence i metadata files.
XMLPersistenceMetaDataSerializer Serializes persistence metadata back to XML.

Enum Summary
AutoClearType The possible settings for the auto-clear behavior of an OpenJPAEntityManager.
AutoDetachType The possible settings for the auto-detach behavior of an OpenJPAEntityManager.
CallbackMode The possible settings for the callback behavior of an OpenJPAEntityManager.
ConnectionRetainMode The possible values for use when configuring the connection retain behavior for an OpenJPAEntityManager.
DetachStateType The possible settings for the detachment behavior of an OpenJPAEntityManager.
MetaDataTag Set of metadata tags used in JPA.
PersistenceStrategy Set of field persistence strategies used in JPA.
QueryOperationType The possible operations that a query can perform.
RestoreStateType The possible settings for the restore behavior after transaction rollback of an OpenJPAEntityManager.
UpdateAction Action to take when a field's value is changed.

Exception Summary
ArgumentException Extended IllegalArgumentException.
InvalidStateException Extended IllegalStateException.

Annotation Types Summary
DataCache Caching characteristics for this class.
DataStoreId Describes how to generate a value for a field.
Dependent Dependent field marker.
DetachedState Detached state.
ElementDependent Dependent array, collection, or map element marker.
ElementType Indicates the persistent element type of an array, collection, or map field, if different than the declared element type.
Externalizer Declares a method that transforms the field value to its datastore equivalent.
ExternalValues Maps field values to their datastore equivalents.
Factory Declares a method that transforms the datastore value to its field equivalent.
FetchAttribute Includes a persistent attribute in a FetchGroup.
FetchGroup Fetch group definition.
FetchGroups Fetch groups holder.
InverseLogical Declares the logical inverse of a field.
KeyDependent Dependent map key marker.
KeyType Indicates the persistent key type of a map field, if different than the declared type.
LoadFetchGroup Fetch group loaded when the annotated field/property is loaded.
LRS Large result set field marker.
ManagedInterface The annotated interface should be treated as a managed interface by OpenJPA.
Persistent Metadata annotation for a persistent field.
PersistentCollection Metadata annotation for a persistent collection field.
PersistentMap Metadata annotation for a persistent map field.
ReadOnly Marks a field read-only.
Type Indicates the persistent type of a field, if different than the declared type.

Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence Description


This package provides an JPA facade to OpenJPA. All major OpenJPA runtime components have JPA-flavored facades in this package.

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