Package org.apache.openjpa.util

OpenJPA Utilities


Interface Summary
ChangeTracker Interface for components that track changes to containers at a fine-grained level.
ClassResolver Interface to customize the loading of classes under OpenJPA.
CollectionChangeTracker Change tracker that can be used for collections.
ExceptionInfo Interface supplying additional exception information.
LRSProxy Marker interface for large result set proxies.
MapChangeTracker Change tracker that can be used for maps.
Proxy Interface implemented by all proxy types to allow setting and nulling of their owning instance.
ProxyBean Interface implemented by all generated custom types, which use JavaBean conventions for copying state.
ProxyCalendar Interface implemented by all generated proxies on Calendar types.
ProxyCollection Interface implemented by all proxy collection types.
ProxyCollections.ProxyIterator Marker interface for a proxied iterator.
ProxyCollections.ProxyListIterator Marker interface for a proxied list iterator.
ProxyDate Interface implemented by all generated proxies on Date types.
ProxyManager Manager for copying and proxying second class objects.
ProxyMap Interface implemented by proxies on Map types.
ProxyMaps.ProxyEntrySet Marker interface for a proxy entry set.
RuntimeExceptionTranslator Interface used by many facade helpers to translate exceptions.

Class Summary
AbstractChangeTracker Base class that provides utilities to change trackers.
AbstractLRSProxyCollection A collection proxy designed for collections backed by extremely large result sets in which each call to AbstractLRSProxyCollection.iterator() may perform a database query.
AbstractLRSProxyMap A map proxy designed for maps backed by extremely large result sets in which each call to AbstractLRSProxyMap.get(java.lang.Object) or AbstractLRSProxyMap.containsKey(java.lang.Object) may perform a database query.
ApplicationIds Utility class for manipulating application object ids.
ArrayStateImage Utilities for dealing with a simple state image consisting of an Object[] of field values with one extra index containing a BitSet of loaded fields.
ByteId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for byte fields.
CacheMap Fixed-size map that has ability to pin/unpin entries and move overflow to a backing soft map.
CharId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for char fields.
ClassResolverImpl Default class resolver implementation.
CollectionChangeTrackerImpl Default CollectionChangeTracker.
DateId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for Date fields.
DoubleId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for double fields.
Exceptions Utility methods for externalizing and handling exceptions.
FloatId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for float fields.
GeneratedClasses Utility methods when generating classes, including at runtime.
Id Datastore identity type.
ImplHelper Helper for OpenJPA back-ends.
IntId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for int fields.
LongId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for long fields.
MapChangeTrackerImpl Default MapChangeTracker.
MultiLoaderClassResolver A simple ClassResolver that uses multiple class loaders to resolve classes.
ObjectId Identity type appropriate for object primary key fields and shared id classes.
OpenJPAId Identity class extended by builtin OpenJPA identity objects.
Proxies Utility methods for managing proxies.
ProxyCollections Utility methods used by collection proxies.
ProxyManagerImpl Default implementation of the ProxyManager interface.
ProxyMaps Utility methods used by map proxies.
Serialization Helper class to serialize and deserialize persistent objects, subtituting oids into the serialized stream and subtituting the persistent objects back during deserialization.
Serialization.PersistentObjectInputStream Object input stream that replaces oids with their objects.
Serialization.PersistentObjectOutputStream Object output stream that replaces persistent objects with their oids.
ShortId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for short fields.
StoreFacadeTypeRegistry Repository of store-specific facade classes.
StringId OpenJPAId subclass appropriate for String fields.

Exception Summary
CallbackException Exception type thrown when an error occurs in a callback.
GeneralException General exception type.
InternalException Exception type for internal errors.
InvalidStateException Exception type thrown when attempting to execute an operation that is not allowed by the current state.
LockException Exception indicating that locks on one or more objects could not be acquired.
MetaDataException Exception type reserved for missing or invalid metadata.
NonUniqueResultException Exception type thrown when a query was configured to return a single result, and multiple results were found.
NoResultException Exception type thrown when a query was configured to return a single result, and no result was found.
NoTransactionException Exception type thrown when attempting a transactional operation without an active transaction.
ObjectExistsException Exception type reserved for conflicts with existing objects.
ObjectNotFoundException Exception type reserved for failed object lookups.
OpenJPAException Exception type for all OpenJPA exceptions.
OptimisticException Exception type for optimistic concurrency violations.
ReferentialIntegrityException Exception type reserved for violations of integrity constraints.
StoreException Base exception for data store errors.
UnsupportedException Exception type for attempts to perform unsupported operations.
UserException Base exception type for user errors.

Package org.apache.openjpa.util Description

OpenJPA Utilities

This package provides utilities to facilitate the handling of second class objects and OpenJPA object ids.

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