Appendix 2.  Supported Databases

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Verified Database Matrix
3. Compatible Database Matrix
4. Unverified Database Matrix
5. Apache Derby
6. Borland Interbase
6.1. Known issues with Interbase
7. JDataStore
8. IBM DB2
8.1. Known issues with DB2
9. Empress
9.1. Known issues with Empress
10. H2 Database Engine
10.1. Known issues with H2 Database Engine
11. Hypersonic
11.1. Known issues with Hypersonic
12. Firebird
12.1. Known issues with Firebird
13. Informix
13.1. Known issues with Informix
14. Ingres Database
14.1. Known issues with Ingres
15. InterSystems Cache
15.1. Known issues with InterSystems Cache
16. Microsoft Access
16.1. Known issues with Microsoft Access
17. Microsoft SQL Server
17.1. Known issues with SQL Server
18. Microsoft FoxPro
18.1. Known issues with Microsoft FoxPro
19. MySQL
19.1. Using Query Hints with MySQL
19.2. Known issues with MySQL
20. Oracle
20.1. Using Query Hints with Oracle
20.2. Known issues with Oracle
21. Pointbase
21.1. Known issues with Pointbase
22. PostgreSQL
22.1. Known issues with PostgreSQL
23. IBM solidDB
23.1. M-type tables vs. D-type tables
23.2. Concurrency control mechanism
24. Sybase Adaptive Server
24.1. Known issues with Sybase

1.  Overview

The following appendix covers the database and JDBC driver versions that are known to work with OpenJPA, along with any database specific configuration parameters, known issues or limitations. The Verified Database Matrix, contains the list of databases and drivers that were tested extensively against this release of OpenJPA, while the Compatible Database Matrix contains the list of databases and drivers that were tested against prior releases or by OpenJPA users and may not support every feature of this release. The Unverified Database Matrix contains a list of databases which have been reported to work, but have not been tested by the development team.