Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.exps

OpenJPA-JDBC Expression Tree


Interface Summary
Exp An Expression represents a query ready for execution.
FilterValue The simplified public view of any non-operator in a query filter, including constants, variables, and object fields.
JDBCAggregateListener JDBC extension to the AggregateListener.
JDBCFilterListener JDBC extension to the FilterListener.
JDBCPath A path represents a traversal into fields of a candidate object.
Val A Value represents any non-operator in a query filter, including constants, variables, and object fields.

Class Summary
Abs Absolute value.
AbstractVal Abstract value for easy extension.
Aggregate Aggregate listener that evaluates to a value.
All All.
AndExpression Combines two expressions.
Any Any.
Args A list of arguments to a multi-argument function.
Avg Average.
BinaryOpExpState Expression tree state for a binary operator.
BindVariableAndExpression Combines a bind variable expression with another.
BindVariableExpression Binds a variable to a value.
CoalesceExpression Coalesce expression.
CollectionParam A collection-valued input parameter in an in-expression.
CollectionParam.ParamExpState Expression state.
CompareEqualExpression Compares two values for equality.
CompareExpression Compares two values.
Concat Concatenate one string with another.
Const A literal or parameter in the filter.
Const.ConstExpState Constant expression state.
ConstGetObjectId Obtaining the object id of a constant.
ConstInstanceofExpression Tests whether a value is an instance of a class.
ConstPath A field traversal starting with a constant filter parameter.
ContainsExpression Tests whether one value contains another.
ContainsKeyExpression Tests whether a map value contains a key.
Count Count non-null values.
CurrentDate A literal current DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP value in a filter.
DatastoreFunction A unary operator that executes a datastore specific function with zero or more arguments.
Distinct Distinct the specified path.
EmptyExpression An empty expression.
EndsWithExpression Test if one string ends with another.
EqualExpression Compares two values.
EqualTypeExpression Compares two entity types.
ExpContext Expression tree context.
ExpState Expression tree state.
Extension Filter listener that evaluates to a value.
FilterValueImpl Implementation of FilterValue that wraps a Val.
GeneralCaseExpression General case expression.
GetColumn Returns the SQL alias of the named column for use in a query.
GetMapValue Returns the value of the given map's key.
GetObjectId Select the oid value of an object; typically used in projections.
HasContainsExpressionVisitor Determines whether the visited expressions include a "contains" expression.
Index Index.
IndexOf Find the index of one string within another.
InExpression Tests whether a value is IN a collection.
InKeyExpression Tests whether a value is IN a map key set.
InstanceofExpression Tests whether the given path is an instance of the given class.
InSubQExpression Tests whether a value is IN a subquery.
InValueExpression Tests whether a value is IN a map value collection.
IsEmptyExpression Tests whether the given value is empty.
IsNotEmptyExpression Tests whether the given value is not empty.
JDBCExpressionFactory Expression factory implementation that can be used to execute queries via SQL.
JDBCStringContains Deprecated. Use matches() instead.
JDBCWildcardMatch Deprecated. Use matches() instead.
Lit A literal value in a filter.
MapEntry Returns the Map.Entry of a map value.
MapEntry.EntryExpState Expression state.
MapKey Returns the key of a map value.
MapKey.KeyExpState Expression state.
MatchesExpression Test if a string matches a regexp.
Math Value produced by a mathematical operation on two values.
Max Maximum.
Min Minimum.
NotContainsExpression Negates a contains expression using a subselect to make sure no elements meet the criteria.
NotEqualExpression Compares two values.
NotEqualTypeExpression Compares two entity types.
NotExpression Negates an expression.
Null A literal null value in a filter.
NullIfExpression NullIf expression.
OrExpression Combines two expressions.
Param A parameter in a filter.
Param.ParamExpState Expression state.
PCPath A path represents a traversal into fields of a candidate object.
PCPath.PathExpState Expression state.
QueryExpressionsState Struct to hold the state of a query expressions instance.
SelectConstructor Turns parsed queries into selects.
SimpleCaseExpression Simple case expression.
Size Size.
SQLEmbed Simple listener which embeds its SQL argument into the query.
SQLExpression Deprecated. Use SQLEmbed directly
SQLValue Deprecated. Use SQLEmbed directly
Sqrt Square root.
StartsWithExpression Test if one string starts with another.
StringFunction A JDBC string function.
StringLength Returns the number of characters in a string.
SubQ A subquery.
Substring Take a substring of a string.
Sum Sum.
ToLowerCase Lower-cases a string.
ToUpperCase Upper-cases a string.
Trim Returns the number of characters in a string.
Type Entity Type expression.
TypeLit A type literal value.
UnaryOp Value produced by a unary operation on a value.
Variable A variable in a filter.
WhenCondition Value produced by a when_clause of a case expression.
WhenScalar Value produced by a when_clause of a case expression.

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OpenJPA-JDBC Expression Tree

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