Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel

OpenJPA-JDBC Runtime Kernel


Interface Summary
EagerFetchModes Eager fetch mode constants.
JDBCFetchConfiguration JDBC extensions to OpenJPA's FetchConfiguration.
JDBCLockManager Extension of the LockManager interface with methods for datastore locking during the select and load process.
JDBCSeq Specialization of the the Seq interface to provide information on the schema needed by this sequence.
JDBCStore Represents the JDBC store.
LRSSizes Ways of calculating the size of large result sets.
PreparedStatementManager Manages prepared statement execution.
UpdateManager This interface is used to customize the way that updates are made to database records.

Class Summary
AbstractJDBCSavepointManager Abstract SavepointManager implementation that delegates to the subclass for savepoint operations on the active Connection.
AbstractJDBCSeq Abstract sequence implementation.
AbstractUpdateManager Base update manager with common functionality.
AbstractUpdateManager.CustomMapping Executes customized mapping updates.
BatchingConstraintUpdateManager Batch update manager that writes the SQL in object-level operation order.
BatchingOperationOrderUpdateManager Batch update manager that writes the SQL in object-level operation order.
BatchingPreparedStatementManagerImpl Batch prepared statement manager implementation.
ClassTableJDBCSeq Specialization of the TableJDBCSeq that maintains a separate sequence count per-class.
ConnectionInfo Struct to hold data about the current connection state.
ConstraintUpdateManager Standard update manager, capable of foreign key constraint evaluation.
DelegatingJDBCFetchConfiguration Delegating fetch configuration that can also perform exception transation for use in facades.
FinderCacheImpl Implementation of FinderCache for JDBC.
FinderQueryImpl Implements Finder Query identified by ClassMappping for SelectExecutor that can be executed to generate Result.
GenericResultObjectProvider Object provider implementation wrapped around a generic Result.
InstanceResultObjectProvider Object provider implementation wrapped around a Select.
JDBC3SavepointManager SavepointManager implementation that uses JDBC 3 savepoints to store state.
JDBCBrokerFactory BrokerFactory type for use with the JDBC runtime.
JDBCFetchConfigurationImpl JDBC extensions to OpenJPA's FetchConfiguration.
JDBCFetchConfigurationImpl.JDBCConfigurationState Configurable JDBC state shared throughout a traversal chain.
JDBCStoreManager StoreManager plugin that uses JDBC to store persistent data in a relational data store.
JDBCStoreManager.ClientConnection Connection returned to client code.
JDBCStoreQuery JDBC query implementation.
MappedQueryResultObjectProvider Provides the data from query result mapped by a QueryResultMapping.
MixedLockManager Mixed lock manager implements both optimistic and pessimistic locking semantics in parallel to the JPA 2.0 specification.
NativeJDBCSeq JDBCSeq implementation that uses a database sequence to generate numbers.
OperationOrderUpdateManager Update manager that writes SQL in object-level operation order.
PagingResultObjectProvider Object provider implementation that fetches one page of results at a a time as it scrolls.
PessimisticLockManager Lock manager that uses exclusive database locks.
PreparedProjectionResultObjectProvider Object provider implementation wrapped around a projection select that has been executed earlier.
PreparedQueryCacheImpl An implementation of the cache of prepared queries.
PreparedQueryCacheImpl.StrongExclusion Strong exclusion.
PreparedQueryCacheImpl.WeakExclusion Weak exclusion.
PreparedQueryImpl Implements PreparedQuery for SQL queries.
PreparedResultObjectProvider A Select-oriented Result Object Provider whose Select has been executed outside its own scope.
PreparedSQLStoreQuery A executor for Prepared SQL Query.
PreparedSQLStoreQuery.PreparedSQLExecutor Executor of a prepared query uses the QueryExpressions of the original query available via the PreparedQuery.
PreparedStatementManagerImpl Basic prepared statement manager implementation.
ProjectionResultObjectProvider Object provider implementation wrapped around a projection select.
SelectResultObjectProvider Abstract provider implementation wrapped around a Select.
SQLProjectionResultObjectProvider Provides all column data in a ResultSet.
SQLStoreQuery A SQL query.
SQLStoreQuery.SQLExecutor Executes the filter as a SQL query.
TableJDBCSeq JDBCSeq implementation that uses a database table for sequence number generation.
TableJDBCSeq.Status Helper struct to hold status information.
ValueTableJDBCSeq Specialization of the TableJDBCSeq that maintains multiple sequence counts.

Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel Description

OpenJPA-JDBC Runtime Kernel

Runtime services for the JDBC OpenJPA implementation.

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