Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql

OpenJPA-JDBC SQL Abstraction


Interface Summary
Joins Tracks joins made when traversing relations in a select.
JoinSyntaxes Constants for ways of describing joins in SQL.
LogicalUnion.Selector A callback used to create the selects in a SQL union.
MergedResult.ResultComparator Comparator for ordering result rows.
PathJoins Common joins interface used internally.
Result A result from the execution of a query or stored procedure.
Row Logical representation of a table row for insert/update/delete.
RowManager Manages rows during an insert/update/delete process.
Select Abstraction of a SQL SELECT statement.
SelectExecutor Interface for configuring and executing a SQL select.
SQLFactory Factory for SQL constructs.
Union.Selector A callback used to create the selects in a SQL union.

Class Summary
AbstractDB2Dictionary Base dictionary for the IBM DB2 family of databases.
AbstractResult A Result implementation designed to be subclassed easily by implementations.
AbstractSQLServerDictionary Dictionary for the SQL Server databases (Sybase and MS SQL Server).
AccessDictionary Dictionary for Access via DataDirect SequeLink and DataDirect ODBC FoxPro driver.
CacheDictionary Dictionary for Intersystems Cache.
Calendard A calendar-modified value.
DB2Dictionary Dictionary for IBM DB2 database.
DBDictionary Class which allows the creation of SQL dynamically, in a database agnostic fashion.
DBDictionary.SerializedData Used by some mappings to represent data that has already been serialized so that we don't have to serialize multiple times.
DBDictionaryFactory Factory class to instantiate a dictionary.
DerbyDictionary Dictionary for Apache Derby (formerly Cloudscape).
EmpressDictionary Dictionary for Empress using ODBC server combined with their type 2 driver.
FirebirdDictionary Dictionary for Firebird.
FoxProDictionary Dictionary for Visual FoxPro via DataDirect SequeLink and DataDirect ODBC FoxPro driver.
H2Dictionary Dictionary for H2 (
HSQLDictionary Dictionary for HyperSQL (HSQLDB) database.
InformixDictionary Dictionary for Informix database.
InterbaseDictionary Dictionary for Borland Interbase.
JDataStoreDictionary Dictionary for Borland JDataStore
Join Represents a SQL join.
JoinSet Set type that recognizes that inner joins should take precedence over otherwise equal outer joins.
LogicalUnion A logical union made up of multiple distinct selects whose results are combined in memory.
MaxDBDictionary Database dictionary for using SAP's MaxDB.
MergedResult Result that merges multiple result delegates.
MySQLDictionary Dictionary for MySQL.
OracleDictionary Dictionary for Oracle.
PointbaseDictionary Dictionary for Pointbase Embedded.
PostgresDictionary Dictionary for PostgreSQL.
PostgresDictionary.PostgresConnection Connection wrapper to work around the postgres empty result set bug.
PostgresDictionary.PostgresPreparedStatement Statement wrapper to work around the postgres empty result set bug.
PrimaryRow Primary table row that tracks foreign keys and auto-inc columns.
Raw Represents a raw SQL string for passing to Row.setObject.
ResultSetResult Base Result implementation wrapped around a result set.
RowImpl Basic Row implementation.
RowManagerImpl Manages SQL rows during an insert/update/delete process.
SecondaryRow Secondary table row that tracks foreign keys to auto-inc columns.
SelectImpl Standard Select implementation.
SelectImpl.SelectResult A Result implementation wrapped around this select.
SelectImpl.Selects Helper class to track selected columns, with fast contains method.
Sized A sized value.
SolidDBDictionary Dictionary for SolidDB database.
SQLBuffer Buffer for SQL statements that can be used to create java.sql.PreparedStatements.
SQLErrorCodeReader Parses XML content of SQL Error State codes to populate error codes for a given Database Dictionary.
SQLExceptions Helper class for converting a SQLException into the appropriate OpenJPA type.
SQLFactoryImpl Default factory for SQL abstraction constructs.
SQLServerDictionary Dictionary for Microsoft SQL Server.
SybaseDictionary Dictionary for Sybase.
SybaseDictionary.SybaseConnection Connection wrapper to cache the Connection.getCatalog() result, which takes a very long time with the Sybase Connection (and which we frequently invoke).

Package org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql Description

OpenJPA-JDBC SQL Abstraction

Utilities for generating SQL.

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