Package org.apache.openjpa.kernel

OpenJPA Runtime Kernel


Interface Summary
AutoClear State clearing constants.
AutoDetach Bit flags for when to automatically detach the entire persistence context.
Broker The broker is the primary interface into the OpenJPA runtime.
BrokerFactory Factory for Broker instances.
ConnectionRetainModes Connection retain mode constants.
DetachState Constants for which fields to include in the detach graph.
Extent<T> Representation of all members of a persistent class.
FetchConfiguration Allows configuration and optimization of how objects are loaded from the data store.
FillStrategy<T> A strategy to fill data into a ResultShape.
FindCallbacks Allows facades to control the particulars of the find operation through callbacks.
FinderCache<K,V,R> A cache to create and maintain finder queries.
FinderQuery<K,V,R> A finder query is a query for an instance of a class by its primary key.
LockLevels Standard object lock levels.
LockManager Handles obtaining and releasing locks on objects.
LockScopes Defines lock scope levels used for MixedLockManager.
MixedLockLevels Defines lock levels used for MixedLockManager.
ObjectFactory<T> An interface to create objects that are used by result processing.
OpCallbacks Allows facades to control the particulars of persistence operations through callbacks.
OpenJPAStateManager Interface implemented by OpenJPA state managers.
PCData Holds data about a single persistence capable instance.
PCResultObjectProvider Variant of ResultObjectProvider that populates a OpenJPAStateManager object in an application-defined manner.
PreparedQuery A prepared query associates a compiled query to a parsed state that can be executed possibly with more efficiency.
PreparedQueryCache A cache to create and maintain prepared queries.
PreparedQueryCache.Exclusion A structure to describe the strength and reason for excluding a query from the cache.
Query OpenJPA query interface.
QueryContext A query execution context.
QueryFlushModes Constants for determining when to flush before queries.
QueryHints Standard query hint keys.
QueryOperations Query operation constants.
QueryStatistics<T> Records query execution statistics.
RestoreState State restore constants.
SavepointManager A manager for handling savepoints.
Seq Internal OpenJPA sequence interface.
StoreContext Represents a set of managed objects and their environment.
StoreManager Interface to be implemented by data store mechanisms to interact with this runtime.
StoreQuery Component that executes queries against the datastore.
StoreQuery.Executor An executor provides a uniform interface to the mechanism for executing either an in-memory or datastore query.

Class Summary
AbstractBrokerFactory Abstract implementation of the BrokerFactory that must be subclassed for a specific runtime.
AbstractFieldManager Abstract FieldManager for easy subclassing.
AbstractLockManager Abstract LockManager implementation.
AbstractPCData Abstract base class which implements core PCData behavior.
AbstractPCResultObjectProvider Abstract implementation of PCResultObjectProvider that implements ResultObjectProvider.getResultObject() by assembling the necessary information about the object to be loaded.
AbstractStoreQuery Abstract StoreQuery that implements most methods as no-ops.
AbstractStoreQuery.AbstractExecutor Abstract AbstractStoreQuery.AbstractExecutor that implements most methods as no-ops.
AttachManager Handles attaching instances.
AttachStrategy Strategy for attaching objects.
Audited Carries immutable information about an audited persistent instance.
AuditManager Controller for audit facility.
Bootstrap Helper methods for acquiring BrokerFactory objects
BrokerImpl Concrete Broker.
BrokerImpl.TransactionalCache Transactional cache that holds soft refs to clean instances.
ClearFieldManager FieldManager that responds to all fetch methods with the default value for that field; used to clear the state of managed instances.
DelegatingBroker Delegating broker that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingBrokerFactory Delegating broker factory that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingExtent<T> Delegating extent that also can perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingFetchConfiguration Delegating fetch configuration that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingQuery Delegating query that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingResultList<T> Delegating result list that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingSeq Delegating sequence that can also perform exception translation for use in facades.
DelegatingStoreManager Base class for store manager decorators that delegate to another store manager for some operations.
DetachedStateAttachStrategy Handles attaching instances with detached state.
DetachedStateManager Internal state manager for detached instances.
DetachedValueStateManager Implementation of OpenJPAStateManager designed to retrieve values from a detached instance, including when managed by a DetachedStateManager.
DetachManager Handles detaching instances.
DetachManagerLite Handles detaching instances.
DistinctResultList<E> An immutable list that imposes uniqueness on its member.
ECleanState Lifecycle state.
ECopyState Lifecycle state.
EDeletedState Lifecycle state.
EDirtyState Lifecycle state.
ENonTransState Lifecycle state.
ExpressionStoreQuery Implementation of an expression-based query, which can handle String-based query expressions such as JPQL and JDOQL.
ExpressionStoreQuery.AbstractExpressionExecutor Provides support for queries that hold query information in a QueryExpressions instance.
ExpressionStoreQuery.DataStoreExecutor The DataStoreExecutor executes the query against the implementation's overridden ExpressionStoreQuery.DataStoreExecutor.executeQuery(org.apache.openjpa.kernel.StoreQuery, java.lang.Object[], org.apache.openjpa.kernel.StoreQuery.Range) method.
ExpressionStoreQuery.InMemoryExecutor Runs the expression query in memory.
ExtentImpl<T> Representation of all members of a persistent class.
FetchConfigurationImpl Allows configuration and optimization of how objects are loaded from the data store.
FetchConfigurationImpl.ConfigurationState Configurable state shared throughout a traversal chain.
FillStrategy.Array<T> Fills an array of given type.
FillStrategy.Assign<T> Populate an instance by simply assigning the 0-th element of the input values.
FillStrategy.Bean<T> Create and populate a bean by invoking setter methods identified by alias name with each array element value as argument.
FillStrategy.Factory<T> Populate an instance created by given factory using a given put(key,value) method.
FillStrategy.Map<T> Construct and populate an instance by invoking the put method with each alias as key and element of the given array of values.
FillStrategy.NewInstance<T> Construct and populate an instance by the given constructor and arguments.
Filters Helper methods for dealing with query filters.
FinalizingBrokerImpl Subtype of BrokerImpl that automatically closes itself during finalization.
HollowState Lifecycle state.
InMemorySavepointManager A SavepointManager implementation which stores all data in memory.
InverseManager Class which manages inverse relations before flushing to the datastore.
LocalManagedRuntime Uses a local implementation of the TransactionManager interface.
ManagedCache Cache of managed objects.
MethodStoreQuery A query that is executed by a user-defined method.
NoneLockManager A lock manager that does not perform any locking.
ObjectIdStateManager State manager used to access state of embedded object id primary key fields.
OpenJPASavepoint Represents a savepoint where operations afterwards can be rolled back and restored to this point
OrderingMergedResultObjectProvider Merged result object provider specialization that extracts ordering values from results for comparison.
PCDataImpl Default PCData implementation.
PCleanState Lifecycle state.
PCState Base class for all lifecycle states.
PDeletedFlushedState Lifecycle state.
PDeletedState Lifecycle state.
PDirtyState Lifecycle state.
PNewDeletedState Lifecycle state.
PNewFlushedDeletedFlushedState Lifecycle state.
PNewFlushedDeletedState Lifecycle state.
PNewProvisionalState Lifecycle state.
PNewState Lifecycle state.
PNonTransDeletedState Lifecycle state.
PNonTransDirtyState Lifecycle state.
PNonTransNewState Lifecycle state.
PNonTransState Lifecycle state.
QueryImpl Implementation of the Query interface.
QueryImpl.Compilation Struct of compiled query properties.
QueryImpl.PackingResultObjectProvider Result object provider that packs results before returning them.
QueryLanguages Constants and utilities for query languages.
QueryStatistics.Default<T> A default implementation.
QueryStatistics.None<T> A do-nothing implementation.
ResultPacker Helper class to pack results into the result class set on the query.
ResultShape<T> Describes the shape of a query result.
ResultShapePacker Packs result by delegation to a ResultShape.
ROPStoreManager Wraps the native store manager to handle calls using custom PCResultObjectProviders.
SaveFieldManager FieldManager type used to store information for rollback.
SavepointFieldManager FieldManager type used to store information for savepoint rollback.
SingleFieldManager FieldManager type used to hold onto a single field value and then dispense it via the fetch methods.
StateManagerImpl Implementation of the OpenJPAStateManager interface for use with this runtime.
StoreQuery.Range A query result range.
TCleanState Lifecycle state.
TDirtyState Lifecycle state.
TimeSeededSeq A simplistic implementation of a Seq used to provide datastore ids.
TLoadedState Lifecycle state.
TransferFieldManager FieldManager type used to transfer a single field value.
TransientState Lifecycle state.
UUIDHexSeq Sequence for generating 32-character hex UUID strings.
UUIDStringSeq Sequence for generating 16-character UUID strings.
UUIDType4HexSeq Sequence for generating 32-character hex Type 4 UUID strings.
UUIDType4StringSeq Sequence for generating 16-character UUID strings.
VersionAttachStrategy Handles attaching instances using version and primary key fields.
VersionLockManager LockManager implementation that provides support for version checking and version updating when locks are acquired.

Enum Summary
DataCacheRetrieveMode DataCache Retrieve Modes.
DataCacheStoreMode DataCache Store modes

Package org.apache.openjpa.kernel Description

OpenJPA Runtime Kernel

This package provides a common OpenJPA runtime environment that can be adapted for use with various data store mechanisms.

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