Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.jest

Interface Summary
Constants Static String constants
JESTCommand Interface for JEST commands.
JPAServletContext An operating context provides a persistence context and utility functions within which all JEST commands execute.
JSON A generic interface for a JSON encoded instance.
ObjectFormatter<T> A parameterized interface defines the protocol for converting managed persistence instances or a persistent domain model into a form suitable for transport to a language-neutral client such as an web browser.

Class Summary
AbstractCommand The abstract base class for all commands available to JEST.
Closure Computes closure of a collection of managed objects.
DomainCommand Marshals a JPA meta-model in the configured format to the response output stream.
ExceptionFormatter Formats error stack trace.
IOR String reference of a managed object.
JESTContext An operational context combines a persistence context and a HTTP execution context expressed as a request and response.
JESTServlet A specialized HTTP servlet to interpret HTTP requests as Java Persistent API commands on a running persistence unit.
JSONObject A JSON instance for persistence.
JSONObject.Array An array of objects.
JSONObject.KVMap A map whose key or value can be JSON.
JSONObjectFormatter Marshals a root instance and its persistent closure as JSON object.
MetamodelHelper.AttributeComparator Compares attribute by their category and within the same category by name.
PropertiesCommand Represents configuration properties in HTML.
PropertiesFormatter Formats a key-value pair in a HTML Document.
PrototypeFactory<K,T> A factory for a specific type of objects registered by a key.
QueryCommand Executes query.
TokenReplacedStream Reads from an input stream and writes to an output stream after replacing matched tokens by their counterpart.
XMLFormatter Marshals a root instance and its persistent closure as an XML element.

Enum Summary
JESTCommand.Format Supported format monikers.
MetamodelHelper.AttributeCategory Attribute Category makes a finer distinction over PersistentAttributeType declared in Attribute.PersistentAttributeType such as id, version, lob or enum.

Exception Summary
ProcessingException Specialized RuntimException thrown by JEST commands.

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