Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.meta

OpenJPA MetaModel


Interface Summary
AbstractManagedType.Filter<T> Affirms if a given element satisfy a condition.
MetadataProcessor<T,M> Collection of generic utility functions for extracting persistence related metadata from user specified metadata available in various source environment.

Class Summary
AbstractManagedType<X> Implements the managed persistent type and its attributes.
AbstractManagedType.AttributeTypeFilter<X,Y> Selects if the attribute type matches the given Java class.
AbstractManagedType.ElementTypeFilter<X,E> Selects plural attribute of given element type.
AbstractManagedType.SingularAttributeFilter<X> Affirms if the given attribute is a Singular attribute.
AnnotationProcessor6 Annotation processing tool generates source code for a meta-model class given the annotated source code of persistent entity.
CompileTimeLogger Simple logger sets log level from javac compilers annotation processing options -Alog=TRACE|INFO|WARN|ERROR and uses the processing environment to determine the log output stream.
Members Persistent attribute according to JPA 2.0 metamodel.
Members.CollectionAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Collection<E>.
Members.KeyAttributeImpl<X,K> Represents the keys of java.util.Map<K,V> in managed type <X> as a pseudo-attribute of type java.util.Set<K>.
Members.ListAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.List<E>.
Members.MapAttributeImpl<X,K,V> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Map<K,V> in managed type <X>.
Members.Member<X,Y> An attribute of a Java type.
Members.PluralAttributeImpl<X,C,E> Root of multi-cardinality attribute.
Members.SetAttributeImpl<X,E> Represents attributes declared as java.util.Set<E>.
Members.SingularAttributeImpl<X,T> Represents single-valued persistent attributes.
MetamodelImpl Adapts JPA Metamodel to OpenJPA meta-data repository.
SourceAnnotationHandler Extracts persistent metadata information by analyzing available annotation in *.java source files.
SourceAnnotationHandler.AccessFilter Selects elements which is annotated with @Access annotation and that annotation has the given AccessType value.
SourceAnnotationHandler.AnnotatedFilter Selects all annotated element.
SourceAnnotationHandler.GetterFilter Selects getter method.
SourceAnnotationHandler.KindFilter Selects elements of given kind.
SourceAnnotationHandler.SetterFilter Selects setter method.
SourceAnnotationHandler.TransientFilter Selects all non-transient element.
Types Persistent Type according to JPA 2.0.
Types.BaseType<X> Mirrors a Java class.
Types.Basic<X> Basic non-relational types of a persistent attribute such as long or java.util.Date.
Types.Embeddable<X> An embedded, not independently identifiable type.
Types.Entity<X> An entity type that is independently identifiable.
Types.Identifiable<X> Represents an abstract persistent type that has a persistent identity.
Types.MappedSuper<X> A abstract, independently identifiable persistent type.
Types.PseudoEntity<X> A pseudo managed type used to represent keys of a java.util.Map as a pseudo attribute.

Package org.apache.openjpa.persistence.meta Description

OpenJPA MetaModel

This package provides an implementation of Metamodel API of JPA 2.0 Specification.

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