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Packages that use Proxy
org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats OpenJPA-JDBC ORM Strategies 
org.apache.openjpa.util OpenJPA Utilities 

Uses of Proxy in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats that implement Proxy
 class LRSProxyCollection
          Large result set collection.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.strats that return Proxy
protected  Proxy RelationMapTableFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
protected  Proxy HandlerCollectionTableFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
protected  Proxy RelationCollectionTableFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
protected  Proxy RelationCollectionInverseKeyFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
protected  Proxy RelationMapInverseKeyFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
protected abstract  Proxy StoreCollectionFieldStrategy.newLRSProxy()
          Return a large result set proxy for this field.

Uses of Proxy in org.apache.openjpa.util

Subinterfaces of Proxy in org.apache.openjpa.util
 interface LRSProxy
          Marker interface for large result set proxies.
 interface ProxyBean
          Interface implemented by all generated custom types, which use JavaBean conventions for copying state.
 interface ProxyCalendar
          Interface implemented by all generated proxies on Calendar types.
 interface ProxyCollection
          Interface implemented by all proxy collection types.
 interface ProxyDate
          Interface implemented by all generated proxies on Date types.
 interface ProxyMap
          Interface implemented by proxies on Map types.

Classes in org.apache.openjpa.util that implement Proxy
 class AbstractLRSProxyCollection
          A collection proxy designed for collections backed by extremely large result sets in which each call to AbstractLRSProxyCollection.iterator() may perform a database query.
 class AbstractLRSProxyMap
          A map proxy designed for maps backed by extremely large result sets in which each call to AbstractLRSProxyMap.get(java.lang.Object) or AbstractLRSProxyMap.containsKey(java.lang.Object) may perform a database query.

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util that return Proxy
 Proxy ProxyManager.newCalendarProxy(Class type, TimeZone timeZone)
          Return a new calendar proxy.
 Proxy ProxyManagerImpl.newCalendarProxy(Class type, TimeZone zone)
 Proxy ProxyManager.newCollectionProxy(Class type, Class elementType, Comparator compare)
          Return a proxy for the given collection type.
 Proxy ProxyManagerImpl.newCollectionProxy(Class type, Class elementType, Comparator compare)
 Proxy ProxyManager.newCustomProxy(Object obj)
          Return a proxy for the given object, or null if this manager cannot proxy the object.
 Proxy ProxyManagerImpl.newCustomProxy(Object orig)
 Proxy ProxyManager.newDateProxy(Class type)
          Return a new date proxy.
 Proxy ProxyManagerImpl.newDateProxy(Class type)
 Proxy ProxyManager.newMapProxy(Class type, Class keyType, Class valueType, Comparator compare)
          Return a proxy for the given map type.
 Proxy ProxyManagerImpl.newMapProxy(Class type, Class keyType, Class elementType, Comparator compare)

Methods in org.apache.openjpa.util with parameters of type Proxy
static void Proxies.dirty(Proxy proxy, boolean stopTracking)
          Used by proxy types to dirty their owner.
static boolean Proxies.isOwner(Proxy proxy, OpenJPAStateManager sm, int field)
          Used by proxy types to check if the given owners and field names are equivalent.
static void Proxies.removed(Proxy proxy, Object removed, boolean key)
          Used by proxy types to notify collection owner on element removal.
static Object Proxies.writeReplace(Proxy proxy, boolean detachable)
          Used by proxy types to serialize non-proxy versions.

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