Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.jdbc

Database Connectivity


Interface Summary
ConnectionDecorator A connection decorator can wrap Connections before they are returned to the user to add functionality.
JDBCListener A listener for all JDBCEvents that occur.
LoggingConnectionDecorator.SQLWarningHandler Interface that allows customization of what to do when SQLWarnings occur.

Class Summary
AbstractJDBCListener An abstract implementation of the JDBCListener listener.
ConfiguringConnectionDecorator Connection decorator that can configure some properties of the underlying connection.
DataSourceLogs Provies basic logging facilities to a DataSource.
DecoratingDataSource Delegating data source that maintains a list of ConnectionDecorators.
DelegatingCallableStatement CallableStatement that delegates to an internal statement.
DelegatingConnection Wrapper around an existing connection.
DelegatingDatabaseMetaData Wrapper around a DatabaseMetadata instance.
DelegatingDataSource Wrapper around an existing data source.
DelegatingPreparedStatement Wrapper around an existing statement.
DelegatingResultSet Wrapper around an existing result set.
DelegatingStatement Wrapper around an existing statement.
JDBCEvent A JDBC event.
JDBCEventConnectionDecorator Manages the firing of JDBCEvents.
LoggingConnectionDecorator A ConnectionDecorator that creates logging connections and ReportingSQLExceptions.
SQLFormatter Converts single-line SQL strings into nicely-formatted multi-line, indented statements.

Exception Summary
ReportingSQLException A SQLException that contains information about the Statement SQL that caused the exception.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.jdbc Description

Database Connectivity

Includes an implementation of the DataSource APIs around a normal JDBC 1.x driver. Implements connection pooling and prepared statement caching. Also includes a framework for firing and consuming JDBC-related events.

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