Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.log



Interface Summary
Log Logging interface that is independent of other logging frameworks.
LogFactory Factory for log instances.

Class Summary
AbstractLog A simple implementation of the Log interface.
CommonsLogFactory LogFactory implementation that delegates to the commons logging framework.
CommonsLogFactory.LogAdapter Adapts a commons logging log to the Log interface.
Log4JLogFactory LogFactory implementation that delegates to the Log4J framework.
Log4JLogFactory.LogAdapter Adapts a Log4J logger to the Log interface.
LogFactoryAdapter Base type that aids in adapting an external log framework to the LogFactory.
LogFactoryImpl Default LogFactory implementation.
LogOutputStream Many standard components log to OutputStreams.
MultiLogFactory A LogFactory implementation to pass events through multiple LogFactory implementations(such as log4j and LogPanelFactory).
NoneLogFactory A log factory implementation that does not do any logging, as quickly as possible.
NoneLogFactory.NoneLog No-op log.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.log Description


This package provides a lightweight logging interface, a simple implementation that writes logging output to the console and allows for basic log configuration, and plug-ins for the Apache Commons Logging and the Apache Log4J frameworks.

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