Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.meta

Metadata Framework


Interface Summary
MetaDataFilter Filters metadata resources.
MetaDataFilter.Resource Information about a metadata resource.
MetaDataIterator Iterator over metadata resources.
MetaDataParser Interface for metadata parsers.
MetaDataSerializer Interface for meta data serializers.
SourceTracker Interface that can optionally be implemented by metadata to include the source file from which the metadata was originally parsed.

Class Summary
CFMetaDataParser Custom SAX parser used by the system to quickly parse metadata files for classes.
CFMetaDataSerializer Helps serialize metadata objects to package and class elements.
ClassAnnotationMetaDataFilter Filter that looks for classes with one of a set of annotations.
ClassArgParser Parser used to resolve arguments into java classes.
ClassMetaDataIterator Iterator over all metadata resources that might contain the metadata for a given class, starting with the most general.
ClasspathMetaDataIterator Iterator over directories in the classpath.
FileMetaDataIterator Iterator over a file, or over all metadata resources below a given directory.
MetaDataIteratorChain Metadata iterator that combines several iterators.
ResourceMetaDataIterator Iterator over a given metadata resource.
SourceTrackers Utility class for performing common operations on SourceTrackers.
SuffixMetaDataFilter Filters metadata iteration based on resource name suffix.
URLMetaDataIterator Iterator over the metadata resource represented by a URL.
XMLMetaDataParser Custom SAX parser used by the system to quickly parse metadata files.
XMLMetaDataSerializer Abstract base type for serlializers that transfer groups of objects to XML.
ZipFileMetaDataIterator Iterator over all metadata resources in a given zip file.
ZipStreamMetaDataIterator Iterator over all metadata resources in a given zip input stream.

Package org.apache.openjpa.lib.meta Description

Metadata Framework

Extendable framework for metadata parsing and serializing.

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